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Fire Debris Removal

When most Fire Departments fight fire, the fire fighters use water to extinguish the flames and that not only puts out the fire, it wets structural materials an... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Kitchen

Mold is found in all indoor environments. Mold can grow and get out of control when humidity or water intrusions affect the indoor space. In kitchens it has bee... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen

Storm water caused a city sewer drain to backup into a commercial kitchen. Bacteria from sewage in a commercial kitchen is not a recipe for success. When S... READ MORE

Nicotine smoke

Years of cigarette smoke can etch into plastic, causing it to be impossible to remove it completely. Soots can tarnish metal beyond restoration in a matter of d... READ MORE

Muddy Water

Muddy water in a house, no big deal? Actually it is a big deal. When muddy water flows into a structure it is often because creeks, and other ground water rise ... READ MORE

Manufactured flooring

Manufactured flooring is a term to describe wooden flooring surfaces that are composites of layers of wood laminates, plastics and adhesives. These floors are b... READ MORE

Flooded church cleanup

When an irrigation pipe burst it caused soiled water to flood a large basement recreation room at a church. The SERVPRO team was able to used truck-mounted wate... READ MORE

Floor repair

Water Damage to this Belmont home bedroom and hallway had destroyed the carpeting. We were required to clean up water and remove the damaged carpet and padding.... READ MORE

Full Restoration

Water or fire damage in a commercial building will disrupt business, sometimes closing a company down. It is important that all mitigation and restoration work ... READ MORE

Office wetted by a rain storm

El Nino rains can bring street flooding and roof failures to large parts of the Bay Area. Earlier this year the San Francisco Bay Area experienced many location... READ MORE