Recent Before & After Photos

Lemons into Lemonade

A client's condominium home in Redwood Shores had a roof leak that wetted several portions of walls and ceiling corners in two bedrooms.Mold colonies began to f... READ MORE

The Power of Soda Blasting

A community based church suffered a fire in their food distribution center. The flames did very little structural damage. However, thick grey smoke left a heavy... READ MORE

Cleaning the USS Hornet Deck.

SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos cleaned the deck of the USS Hornet Museum, a WW2 aircraft carrier located in Alameda, California. By using pressure washing, we re... READ MORE

Wood Floor Damage in San Carlos

Flood Damage to this San Carlos home damaged the hardwood floor beyond restoration. In the before photo, serious cupping is visible. While we do have equipment ... READ MORE

Let the Light Shine In.

A fire at a Church spread thick smoke through the large attic storage room. Windows were blackened by a layer heavy soot. So were the ceiling beams and walls. O... READ MORE

Storm flooding can lead to mold problems.

When rainwater, or an overflowing stream causes crawlspaces under buildings to get wet, the lingering moisture may be the perfect breeding location for damaging... READ MORE

Kick Mold

One of the most common portions of a home to suffer mold problems is a closet. Of all the items in a closet, the thing that mold likes best are leather shoes. M... READ MORE

Removing Graffiti from an Apartment Building

Graffiti on public and commercial buildings creates urban blight. It also lowers property values by sending a signal that a neighborhood may be a center of high... READ MORE

Heavy Fire Damage

Insurance companies and restoration companies rate fire damage as heavy, medium and light. The determining factors include the amount of structural damage and t... READ MORE

Fire Debris Removal

When most Fire Departments fight fire, the fire fighters use water to extinguish the flames and that not only puts out the fire, it wets structural materials an... READ MORE