Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Wood Floor Damage in San Carlos

Flood Damage to this San Carlos home damaged the hardwood floor beyond restoration. In the before photo, serious cupping is visible. While we do have equipment ... READ MORE

Storm flooding can lead to mold problems.

When rainwater, or an overflowing stream causes crawlspaces under buildings to get wet, the lingering moisture may be the perfect breeding location for damaging... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen

Storm water caused a city sewer drain to backup into a commercial kitchen. Bacteria from sewage in a commercial kitchen is not a recipe for success. When SERVPR... READ MORE

Muddy Water

Muddy water in a house, no big deal? Actually it is a big deal. When muddy water flows into a structure it is often because creeks, and other ground water rise ... READ MORE

Manufactured flooring

Manufactured flooring is a term to describe wooden flooring surfaces that are composites of layers of wood laminates, plastics and adhesives. These floors are b... READ MORE

Office wetted by a rain storm

El Nino rains can bring street flooding and roof failures to large parts of the Bay Area. Earlier this year the San Francisco Bay Area experienced many location... READ MORE

Flooded Hotel

Storm damage to this Belmont Hotel left significant water damage, forcing the hotel to close the top two floors of their facility. The Hotel repair project woul... READ MORE