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How Can I Get My Redwood City Home Smelling Normal After a Fire?

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fire damaged sign SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians use the latest technology and equipment for every fire damage restoration project. Call now!

Our Professionals Have Many Long-Term Solutions for Neutralizing Odors in Your Home. 

While multiple areas require attention and focus after a fire loss in your Redwood City residence, one of the most considerable hindrances to comfortable living is often lingering odors. Addressing harsh smells that result from burning and smoke can require the use of numerous tools, products, and approaches.

Fire odor and smoke removal for Redwood City properties involve a balance between the industry-leading tools available to our SERVPRO team and the experienced technicians of our roster. Continued education and extensive training from firms like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) have allowed our Odor Control Technicians (OCT) and Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) to be confident and knowledgeable with every post-fire response we provide.

Is It Possible to Reduce Odors Before Deodorization? 

A reduction in the severity of fire odors is not impossible, but it is often a process that homeowners cannot complete on their own. Instead of waiting around in a potentially hazardous environment for ways that you can make the restoration process more efficient, it is often safer and faster to allow our team to complete some of these pre-emptive strategies for reducing the concentration of harsh odors.

Debris Removal 

Debris is one of the very first obstacles that our responding SERVPRO team must address. Heaps of charred remnants of your contents and structural materials can amplify the severity of lingering odors in the house. Discarding this rubbish can reduce the strength of these odors.

Controlled Demolition

Much like debris removal, many decisions must be made about materials still installed throughout the house. Damaged drywall, ceiling materials, and flooring can all become too compromised to leave where they are. Controlled demolition can remove only the irreparable portions of materials, making reinstallation and reconstruction faster. 

Cleaning Surfaces

Cleaning up soiled surfaces and areas where soot might be present can also be a way to reduce the severity of noxious scents in the damaged areas of your home. With potent chemical agents that can work to emulsify oils on the surfaces, we can also wash away thick surface residues that can hold odors.

What Equipment is Best for Odor Removal? 

Numerous tools and machines can help to address lingering odors in a Redwood City house after a fire loss incident. While many of these are ideal for very specific scenarios, we have three common types used that can address the majority of penetrating odors in a structure and its contents. These include:

Thermal Foggers

Foggers are one of the most widely used units, though they might not always generate fog. Some of the machines in our inventory create a gaseous vapor from deodorizing compounds among our products that can penetrate the pores of affected structural materials and contents throughout the damaged areas. The lightweight unit is among the most versatile and mobile of our entire deodorization inventory.

Hydroxyl Machines 

Using the same natural environmental cleaning practices in our atmosphere, harnessing the power of a chemical reaction between water droplets and the UV spectrum, hydroxyl generators can clean the damaged environment in multiple ways and work to neutralize odors in the process.

 Ozone Generators 

While it is not safe for use in the immediate proximity of humans and pets, ozone generators are among the soundest approaches to odor removal that exist. From the ozone chamber in our SERVPRO warehouse for damaged contents to in-house ozone units, we can utilize the splitting of oxygen molecules to neutralize present odors in your house after a fire.

What Happens to Smoke-Damaged Contents? 

While there are many immediate concerns after a fire loss incident, what happens to your belongings and treasured possessions sit at the top of the list. We have content management specialists dedicated to identifying the best approach for your items based on the severity of the damage, their location, and the specific processes needed to restore them fully. Removing odors from your possessions usually involves one of three potential approaches, including:

  • On-Site Cleaning
  • In-House Deodorization
  • Off-Site Recovery 
  • Are DIY Odor Removal Tactics Similar to Professional Methods? 

Many of the practices utilized by homeowners after a fire loss to address lingering odors does little to the odor itself. Masking a scent might resolve the issue temporarily, but it is a situation that you continue to face again and again. Our methods involve the removal and neutralization of trapped and open-air odors permanently.

Odors can be one of the most substantial hurdles that exist to provide a comfortable living space for occupants in a home after a fire. Our SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos team can help. Give us a call today at (650) 591-4137.

Fast Action Is Required When Water Causes Significant Damage To A Historical Foster City Property

10/20/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Commercial water damage restoration is a job for SERVPRO. We have the manpower and equipment for every size of disaster.

Protecting Flooring In Historical Foster City Properties

Foster City has a rich and illustrious history and remains committed to preserving some of these historic buildings and properties through intricate renovations and refurbishments to protect their beauty and function. Water Damage incidents can adversely affect any property, but it can prove devastating to older construction. Our professionals can respond quickly in the event of a water damage emergency to provide effective mitigation tactics designed to reduce the spread of water and protect the property.

Hardwood and Water Damage

Hardwood flooring and intricate moldings are often hit the hardest by water damage in your Foster City historical property. Touring individuals or even office spaces that have been tucked into the property now become affected by the need for immediate servicing by trained professionals able to remove water quickly while focusing specifically on preserving original materials. Our SERVPRO professionals have advanced equipment that can do this with the right response from the owner about the incident.

Hardwood flooring, as an example, requires prompt attention from trained personnel. Our SERVPRO team can arrive quickly to set up air movers and dehumidifiers to begin removing moisture from this saturated material. The longer this dampness and moisture remain in the wood, the more likely it becomes that the material bloats and distorts. Once this swelling has occurred, there is no choice but to remove these materials and replace it with new construction.

Large drying mats play a significant role in drying out flooring materials in a water-damaged historical building because they can penetrate beyond the surface to the subflooring without pulling the moisture out too rapidly. A steady draw of the moisture until the area gets thoroughly dried prevents warping and protects the integrity of the material itself.

While you might guide tours through harrowed halls of former celebrities or musicians or oversee the grounds of refurbished office space in a historical property, water damage can be devastating without a fast response from trained professionals. Our SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos rapid response team is available 24/7 at (650) 591-4137.

Addressing Pungent Odors in Redwood City with Kitchen Fire Damage Restoration

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

kitchen fire Fire damage from a kitchen fire is hard to handle. Call SERVPRO and let their technicians handle all the fire damage restoration for you.

Redwood City Residents Get Results When Hiring SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration After a Kitchen Blaze

You had a fire in your kitchen, and you know there is a long road ahead of you to get rid of the tough odors and mess. But, where do you start? Hiring skilled odor control technicians (OCT) from a team like SERVPRO gets you the needed results. The kitchen in your Redwood City home is a space that you use often, so restoring it to normal is critical. Our highly-trained technicians can get in fast to begin smoke remediation so we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

When you require kitchen fire damage restoration in Redwood City, residues will be created that are vastly different from regular burned building materials. This residue leaves a stubborn coating behind that may consist of proteins, grease, dehydrated oils, other food items, or a perfect storm of all. Such residue is:

  • Often colorless, which makes it challenging for the untrained eye to detect it on contents and building materials
  • Very sticky, quickly adhering to various surfaces
  • Extremely pungent
  • Easy traveling, often drifting throughout the home with the heat currents generated by the blaze
  • Comprised of oils, which makes it difficult for water-based cleaners to break down

Rather than attempting kitchen fire clean-up on your own, fire and smoke damage remediation with SERVPRO gets you the best results. We arrive to assess the fire zone to select the right tools and products for the job. Some of the techniques we use may include solvents, abrasive tools, agitation, and specialized equipment to help us break down and trap odorous particles

You can trust that our skilled team at SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos will be quick to arrive and ready to get to work on your fire damage restoration within hours of your call. You can contact us 24/7 by dialing (650) 591-4137.

Do You Need Commercial Water Damage Restoration in San Carlos? SERVPRO Has The Experience You Need!

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle Call SERVPRO for any type of water removal and remediation efforts you need. We can get you back to work in no time.

Why Commercial Flood Damage to San Carlos Businesses Should Have Professional Restoration Services 

For a business owner, one of the worst things that can happen is a weather event such as flood damage that occurs after hours. Some things can not wait until the next business day. Water damage is most definitely one of those things. Long-term exposure to excessive moisture compounds the damage to the property, such as:

  • Buckled or warped sheetrock
  • The danger of slip and fall accidents
  • Germination of mold spores resulting in an infestation that could potentially close a business for remediation
  • Damage of stock to water intrusion

SERVPRO knows that commercial flood damage in a San Carlos business requires immediate attention to limit the time for temporary closure. Visible signs of water damage or musty odors have the potential to impact your business significantly, and our technicians have the training to ensure neither of those issues occurs. 

Water Removal Services

Our emergency response teams are on-site within an hour of the call, and we are available 24-hours, so this helps to lessen damage from prolonged exposure to water. Our trained and certified technicians have the equipment and experience to tackle water damage restoration needs. These needs include safely mitigating category three biohazard water that may contain sewage, something that may be beyond the range of your usual janitorial team. 

The primary concern of our technicians during any commercial property restoration is the safety of property owners, employees, and customers. We have the equipment to effectively scope the property to ensure there are no issues with weakened building materials, electrical issues, or other hazards. Safety checks, both pre and post-restoration, are vital for ensuring the location is safe for operation. We test the water we clean up, and when raw sewage is detected, we set up physical barriers to contain the area while we remove and dispose of contaminated water within municipal regulations. 

Using our array of sanitizers and professional-grade cleaning agents, we can restore a commercial property to its previous condition that is hygienic for both customers and staff. Before reopening, if any repairs or reconstruction are required, we can provide that service as we are licensed general contractors #937457. 

Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 when you have commercial flood damage. We are available 24/7 and we arrive quickly to make your water damage "Like it never even happened."

We Will Dry And Repair Your San Carlos Hotel Room Right Away

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

"SERVPRO has state of the art drying equipment" Our SERVPRO professionals have state of the art equipment to clean up and restore your property after water damage strikes.

Broken Shower Head Can Damage San Carlos Hotel Rooms

Your hotel can see considerable traffic throughout the year on account of San Carlos being one of the premier tourist destinations in all of California. Maintaining the structure can be challenging when people are always present, and the turnover of rooms happens daily. Wear and tear on vital fixtures like faucets and showerheads can lead to eventual failures, which must get addressed quickly if you hope to keep the damage contained to a single room.

Your hotel was undoubtedly designed to shut off the water supply to each room with a panel box installed near the bathroom in case you combat water damage in your San Carlos hotel. The advantage here is stopping the flow of water to these broken fixtures to prevent further spraying and flooding of the bathroom area. Because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, you can reach our team 24/7 to have qualified water restoration technicians there to help quickly.

Water Damage Restoration

In the earliest stages of recovery, the priority is addressing the water damage pooled on the floors and what must be done to reduce the saturation and exposure of the vanity, drywall, trim, and other susceptible areas. In many cases, if approached quickly, controlled demolition and later reconstruction might not be necessary. The use of centrifugal air movers can direct dry airflow at specific damaged points of saturated surfaces to expedite evaporation and drying.

While you undoubtedly have a maintenance team capable of handling minor plumbing concerns, we are committed to making this restoration as seamless as possible. Our SERVPRO team has a full division of licensed (#937457) general contractors that can help to assess any other potential issues and replace the broken shower head and damaged fixtures.

We know that you make money off of the fast turnaround of each room in your hotel, and that is why we have the experienced team we do. Our professionals can work on drying and repairing your unit to make this water damage situation “Like it never even happened.” Give our SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos team a call today at (650) 591-4137.

What Crucial Things Should Redwood City Business Owners Note Before Attempting Mold Remediation

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo If mold is left unchecked, it can spread very quickly. Contact our IICRC certified mold damage remediation team for an assessment today.

SERVPRO Provides Information and Helps Perform Black Mold Damage Repairs

The presence of mold in Redwood City business premises, especially in the hospitality sector, presents many inconveniences. Apart from the physical deterioration of materials, which can ruin the ambiance of your establishment, there are other issues like poor indoor air quality or even shunning of your establishment by your regular customers.

On noticing signs of microbial growth, you may decide to pursue mold remediation restoring your Redwood City facility to its preloss state. The success of such an exercise or the time it takes to realize positive results depends on how well you understand the process. SERVPRO informs business operators of the best actions to take and also helps execute such processes fixing the problem, “Like it never even happened.”

Some Crucial Points to Note When Dealing With Black Mold Include:

  • Eliminating mold spores is impossible  
  • Mold is a sign of an underlying issue
  • Professional help is necessary if the mold affects more than 3 square foot

Knowing these things helps ensure that the remediation focuses on the right things, thus improving the outcome. For instance, finding out the underlying issue causing the proliferation of mold and fixing it ensures that other processes such as cleanup of mold colonies produce long-term results. The underlying problem is usually moisture-related.

Typical Moisture Issues can Stem From:

  • Hidden leaks
  • Condensation 
  • Unresolved water intrusion

SERVPRO can help whether you have a limited or widespread infestation. We inspect the property before attempting any repairs, thus establishing whether there are hidden colonies. That way, we can take advanced steps such as controlled demolition or blast cleaning where necessary.

SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos has significant experience delivering mold remediation to business owners. Call us at (650) 591-4137.

SERVPRO Makes Fire Damage in San Carlos Go Away

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

Class of fire, extinguisher SERVPRO's IICRC certified technicians are ready for any size fire damaged job. Call on our skilled teams when your home experiences a fire.

Mitigating Kitchen Fire Damage in San Carlos

From 2011 to 2015, an estimated 358,500 fires occurred in homes that caused over $6.7 billion in damages, according to NFPA data. Not only are San Carlos home structural fires costly, but they can have long-term effects on homes without professional mitigation, including the spread of odors and residues that can be unpleasant and difficult to remove with consumer-grade cleaners.

If you need fast, reliable fire damage removal in your San Carlos home, they can always count on the restoration technicians at SERVPRO to get the job done right. SERVPRO technicians use contemporary technologies and EPA-registered antimicrobials to ensure that your home gets the restoration it needs after a fire occurs. Whether contents or structures are affected, these professionals focus on preservation and restoration whenever it is safe and feasible to do so.

Choosing the Right Fire Extinguisher

When buying fire extinguishers for your home, it is essential to be aware that there are several different categories made to fight different kinds of fires. These include:

  • Type A, which is primarily for mundane fire situations involving materials like wood, paper, and cloth.
  • Type B, which is designed for extinguishing fires caused by combustible liquids like oil, grease, and gasoline.
  • Type C, which is made for handling electrical fires.
  • Type D, which can extinguish fires involving flammable metals, and is mainly for commercial applications.
  • Type K, which can handle vegetables and animal-based oils, as well as other fats, in cooking appliances. This variety is similar to Type B but is designed for commercial applications in areas like cafeterias and restaurant kitchens.

For home use, there are also multi-purpose extinguishers that encompass the traits of Types A, B, and C. Most homeowners should look for an extinguisher that weighs between two and ten pounds.

How SERVPRO Removes Fire Damage 

Kitchen fires can leave copious amounts of damage to appliances that can eventually corrode metals and plastics. It is crucial to examine and thoroughly clean electronics near where the fire occurred. All-purpose antimicrobials and glass cleaners can be used to take care of light damages. Yellowing on appliances is reduced by using a wood creme paste.

For polished finishes, chrome, and aluminum exteriors, alkaline cleaners designed for substantial damage are implemented with care to preserve the sheen and quality of your kitchen appliances. Electronics in need of restoration can be sent to an authorized electronics service technician after a thorough cleaning.

SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos is always ready to leave disaster-affected homes looking, "Like it never even happened." Whether you need cleanup late at night, on weekends, or during holidays, you can call (650) 591-4137.

Redwood City Flooded Homes Need the TLC of SERVPRO to Mitigate the Damages

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo/ Lightning storm When a storm hits home, call the professionals at SERVPRO. Our IICRC certified techs are ready for any size storm damaged job.

Issues You May Deal With After Flood Damage in Your Redwood City Home

Flooding can happen following a hurricane, a tornado, or a flash flood, and even a well-prepared Redwood City homeowner can be caught up in flood damage. Having flood water in your home can be dangerous and inconvenient.

In the aftermath of flooding in your Redwood City residence, you need to handle several issues. It is beneficial to hire a certified company to help you manage the destruction. SERVPRO can help you deal with issues such as:

Storm Damaged Floors

During groundwater intrusion, mud and debris can cover wood flooring. Our staff can dry your floors by using pumps or wet/dry vacuums to remove the water and using air movers and dehumidifiers to dry them. Shovels and squeegees may be the first tools used to clear away the murky deposits. If the flood damage is severe, we can tear out the non-salvageable boards and dry the underpinnings or concrete pad.

Ruined Appliances

Electric appliances that get submerged in water can stop functioning. We can assess your electronic equipment to determine the severity of the damage. If they can be salvaged, we can wipe water and debris from their surfaces and contact an electronics restorer to repair them.

Adverse Effects of Flood Damage 

Regrettably, flood damage can impact your home negatively. Floodwater carries debris and silt of every kind. It can contain chemical contaminants and disease-causing organisms. If your carpeting and other porous material are contaminated, we recommend replacing them. Restoring porous materials like drywall and soft materials like carpets after Black Water absorption is not a wise decision. Though we strive to restore and not replace flood-damaged materials, safety comes first.


Mold grows in moist areas, and a flooded house is perfect for mold to breed. Mold can lurk under wooden floors, on the ceilings, or walls. Mold spreads fast, and it needs a trained eye and advanced tools to locate hidden mold in your home. Our team can identify the areas where mold is present and physically remove contaminated porous materials. We can also dry the affected surfaces thoroughly. Our team can also use quaternary compounds and chlorine bleach solutions to inhibit mold.

Foul odors

Foul odors are linked with flood damage because of the dirty water and possible mold infestation, which leaves a stench. Your upholstered furniture and draperies can have unpleasant smells. Our SERVPRO team can remove the foul odors using thermal fogging equipment and air scrubbers to leave your indoor air fresher and healthier.

After experiencing flood damage in Redwood City, San Carlos, Foster City, or Belmont, you need fast, professional help. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos can help you remove the water and clean up your home. Call us at (650) 591-4137 for efficient restoration.

Are Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Safe for Consumption After Fire Damage Restoration in San Carlos?

8/10/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen after fire SERVPRO can help you with every step following a fire incident in your San Carlos home. Call us for help right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Help Fire Victims Sort Out What Foods to Keep During San Carlos Fire Damage Restoration

Homeowners have dozens of decisions to make after professional fire damage restoration in San Carlos. One category might take you by surprise -- what chilled and frozen foods can you keep without risking the health and well-being of yourself and your family?

Why Would Food Secured in a Freezer or Refrigerator Pose a Hazard?

SERVPRO weighs many considerations before declaring an opinion  on food safety during fire damage mitigation and remediation in San Carlos. Heat, smoke, and soot are possible contaminants, as are the chemicals or water used for firefighting. Two significant concerns present:

  • Did the appliance lose power or warm from the water or the heat of the blaze during the fire, causing a temperature increase that could make foods dangerous to eat? 
  • Did toxic residues from the fire's combustion penetrate inside the freezer or refrigerator, possibly tainting foods and beverages?

Are There Guidelines SERVPRO Follows for Chilled and Frozen Food Safety During Fire Mitigation or Remediation?

Freezer seals are not reliably airtight, requiring an investigation of each fire scene individually. Expect SERVPRO to direct you to governmental agencies' advice regarding whether the food inside a cooling or freezing appliance remains protected adequately. Some recommendations include:

  • Keep appliance doors tightly shut, especially if cooling and freezing are interrupted.
  • Inspect for soot lines or a smoky odor when first opening the appliance. Discard food if present.
  • Monitor temperatures of the food -- toss unless food items have temps of 40 degrees or lower. 
  • Frozen items that thaw only to 40 degrees or colder can be cooked or refrozen.
  • Refreeze juices, dairy items, and baked goods as long as they maintained the 40 degree maximum.
  • Thawed vegetables can be refrozen only if ice crystals remain.

Work with SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos during and after fire damage restoration to keep your family safe. Call (650) 591-4137 for a consultation.

Mold Development in a Retail Space in Redwood City Needs SERVPRO for Remediation

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage ceiling Mold remediation by SERVPRO is second to none. We use the latest technology and equipment for every size of disaster.

New Redwood City Spa Could Allow Mold Growth and Colonization

Renovating commercial space for new tenants is a common practice throughout Redwood City, and spas are more relevant and necessary now more than ever. Rushing to reach your opening is an ideal goal, allowing you to reach your fanbase as quickly as possible, but aspects of the renovation and reconstruction can get overlooked. Improper ventilation for areas of your spa can lead to favorable conditions for microbial threats.

Remodeling a commercial space to accommodate a new style of business does not always equal mold damage for Redwood City properties, but specific oversights can allow the conditions for this disaster. Because of steam and vapors common to areas and practices of modern spas, adequate ventilation is not a suggested installation but a need for your new business. Failure to install these fixtures can result in lingering moisture in susceptible areas of your space.

Even though your spa keeps traditional operating hours, failure to remove vapors and moisture from hallways and adjacent rooms can lead to the development of mold colonies, even with only part-time use. Spores exist naturally in nearly every environment, so these microorganisms survive in perpetual circulation until they encounter moist conditions around organic materials or contents. The drywall used to form the walls of your spa can often be an ideal launchpad for microbial colonization.

Mold Removal

Mold Damage Remediation is a considerable first step to take, as our SERVPRO Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) can offer solutions that can remove colonies often without disturbing the host material. We can also work to clear out lingering moisture with the use of desiccant dehumidifiers and air movers.

With a team of licensed general contractors on our SERVPRO team, we also have the means of utilizing controlled demolition strategies were necessary to save you time and money. We can also install more sufficient ventilation fixtures to ensure the appropriate moisture removal after a long day of steam treatment and relaxation.

Commercial properties throughout the area come under new ownership all the time, leading to fast turnarounds to get new customers in the door as quickly as possible. If you have overlooked moisture removal fixtures and it caused mold growth, you can count on our SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos team to help. Give our experts a call today at (650) 591-4137.