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How Do I Get Rid of Burning Odors in my San Francisco Home?

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

House fire If you are struggling to rid your home of smell, contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137.

Smoke Odors Often Require a Fire Damage Restoration Professional to Remove. If Your San Francisco Home Suffers from Smoke Odors Contact SERVPRO.

Why do fire odors linger in a property?
Odor particles are naturally volatile, which can lead them to spread quickly in your San Francisco home. Since these particles move a lot, they should disperse naturally over-time. However, when dealing with fire or smoke odors, the malodor can affect the property's quality of life. In these situations, it is customary to use a professional odor control technician (OCT) to aid your home's recovery by using an array of techniques. It can be tough to find the sources of odors, which is why SERVPRO technicians employ a range of approaches to remove unpleasant smoke odors from your home.

What chemical treatments help to tackle fire odors?
- Odor counteracting beads which can be placed in regions of the home
- Pellets or deodorant granules to absorb odor particles
- Water-based odor counteractants which can be added to cleaning solutions

Is it possible to clear an entire house of fire odor?
Part of fire damage restoration in your San Francisco home is returning it to its preloss condition. For that, SERVPRO technicians take extra care to ensure that any residual odors are entirely removed or unnoticeable at the end of service. In large house fires, smoke odors can permeate an entire structure. To deodorize the structure time-efficiently, our technicians can use a thermal fogger. This equipment vaporizes solvent or petroleum deodorizers and develop a smoke. Smokes, or mists, are useful in counteracting odor because they can reach crevices or hidden areas of the home otherwise inaccessible using pellets or direct contact deodorants.

What machinery is used for odor removal?
- Photocatalytic Oxidisers which use UV light to rid odors
- Air-scrubbers or filtration devices
- Ozone generator that uses unstable gases to eliminate odor

If you are struggling to rid your home of smell, contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137.

After a Business Had a Small Fire, But Still Smells Like Smoke - What Can Be Done?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

"Contact us" Contact SERVPRO today for assistance with professional fire remediation services.

SERVPRO Features Proven Fire Damage Restoration Techniques to Address Smoke Odors That Linger Inside San Francisco Businesses.

Once your business has a fire, the chances are good that you will have some odorous smoke particles that can hang around even after cleanup is finished. Even the smallest structure fire can lead to extensive damage, but you also need assistance if you notice foul smoke odors remain. SERVPRO features highly-trained fire restoration technicians who can restore your San Francisco business to eliminate the fire incident traces. 

How Does Fire and Odor Cleanup Work?

Whenever SERVPRO gets called for fire damage restoration in San Francisco, we pay close attention to several factors. For example, the cause of the fire and type of materials burned will play a role in the kind of smoke and soot left behind. Should you have stubborn residue or hidden particles that migrated throughout your HVAC system, everything must get meticulously cleaned to make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Once you call us for restoration services, we take care of the following:

  • Removal of all debris and odor-causing elements, such as charred building materials, furnishings, etc.
  • Carefully clean all surfaces coated with odor-causing particulates. Every area of your business gets inspected to determine where the odors may have traveled.
  • We can also recreate the conditions that brought about odor penetration by way of thermal fogging technology. 
  • If necessary, our skilled technicians can also seal any surfaces that suffered exposure to malodors. This includes sealing the inside of your ducts or painting walls.

When there are charred studs in any of your commercial space walls, we can use steel scrub brushes, dry ice blasting, or soda blasting to remove the charring. Once complete, we can then finish off the studs with a seal coat to inhibit smoke odors from lingering.

For help with fire damage restoration and ridding your commercial space of foul odors, SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos is here to help. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (650) 591-4137.

My San Francisco Area Is Prone To Coastal Flooding – How Can I Better Prepare?

9/12/2020 (Permalink)

Living room carpet flooding Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 for expert flood damage service.

Preparation Can Lessen the Impact of Flooding in San Francisco

San Francisco is a lovely coastal town and is home to historical buildings, trolley cars, and diverse cultures. Because it is a coastal town, this leaves it open to severe flooding. It averages 25” of rain yearly, but that can increase with little notice. If you are a homeowner in San Francisco, being prepared for storm possibilities is the smart thing to do.

Why Worry About Coastal Flooding?
Over the past 100 years, San Francisco has experienced an 8” rise in sea levels. A local tide station has reported 474 days of exceeded flood levels. This has happened since 1950 and was compared against National Weather Service flood thresholds, according to The flood level looked at is a 3’ flood. All the data points to a raised starting point for both high tides and storm surges. This can mean coastal flooding that happens more often and is more severe. It all points to the possibility of increased flood damage in San Francisco.

My Home is Low Level – Am I at a Higher Risk?
Many homes are below the 3’ flood level. This puts your home at higher risk if you fall into that category. Many folks believe it can not happen to them because it has not happened so far. Storms can appear out of nowhere, dumping massive amounts of water on the city. More than rainfall can increase the risk of flooding in your area, including:
• Tidal surge data
• Topography changes
• New construction
• Flood control measures

If you live in a high-risk area, you need to make sure you have the right kind of flood insurance. Flood hazard maps can help you determine the coverage that is best for your home.

What if My Home Experiences Storm Damage & Flooding?
The important thing in any potential flooding situation is to listen to local weather news and obey the warnings. If you are told to evacuate, do not stay in place. Your family’s well-being is not worth whatever possessions you own. Floodwaters bring a plethora of hazards with them, so do not enter your home until you are 100% sure it is safe. Calling SERVPRO is the next step once you have assured your family is safe.

The longer the water sits, the higher the possibility of secondary damage such as mold. In a residence that has experienced water damage from something like a burst pipe, a scope would get done first. This determines the needs of the home and allows a detailed plan to be crafted. But with floodwaters, there is often a need for emergency water mitigation. This can include roof tarping, checking for electrical issues, and making sure the structure is sound.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Fast Intervention
Once any needed emergency procedures are put in place, our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified staff gets busy. Floodwater is what is known as black water and is highly contaminated. Removing that water is the main focus. It requires the right PPE, equipment, and experience. SERVPRO IICRC techs meet all of those qualifications. The process typically involves:
• Using an EPA registered disinfectant spray on all impacted areas.
• Preventing the contaminants from spreading to unaffected places.
• Debris and silt get removed using rakes and shovels.
• Proper disposal of the debris.
• Water extraction using trash pumps.
• Extracting water from the flooring.
• Structural assessment to determine what gets saved.
• Content management.
• Clean and dry the home with air movers and dehumidifiers.
• Repeat disinfecting surfaces as needed.

In a floodwater scenario, there are items that cannot be salvaged due to the contaminated water. This can include carpet, padding, and upholstered furniture. We work with you to decide what to dispose of and what can be salvaged. We use controlled demolition to repair and replace structural elements, ceilings, and walls. We do everything possible to save as much as we can without putting your family at risk.

Be Prepared – Be Safe
Everyone should have an emergency disaster plan in place. Having the proper insurance is necessary, but your family needs to know what to do if a flood occurs. Make sure everyone knows:
• Where to meet
• Who is responsible for the children
• What to do if family members are not home

Make sure you have emergency supplies ready to go with you if you need to evacuate. A communication plan is vital.

Our SERVPRO team lives in the San Francisco area. We understand the risks of coastal flooding. We have families and homes in the area as well. That is why we are committed to making sure your home is cleaned and restored right in the event flooding occurs. Our company is licensed and bonded. Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 for expert flood damage service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

YUCK There is Mold in My San Francisco Kitchen – Who Do I Call?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall Mold is not something to mess with, so call in the professionals.

If You San Francisco Home has Mold, You Need a Mold Remediation Company with Experience

The Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and fantastic food are all things folks love about San Francisco. Almost 5 million people live, work, and play there, many of whom are homeowners. The atmosphere in the city is moist and humid, making it a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Can Mold be Removed?

Mold removal in San Francisco is a term often used when it comes to dealing with an infestation. There are restoration companies that may tell you they can remove all mold from your home. They cannot. Mold is everywhere, inside your residence and outside. The spores are microscopic and enter a house through airflow, on clothing, thru HVAC systems, and even on your pet. These spores love moisture, and much of California is a place in which they can thrive. It is not conceivable to clear all mold even with mold removal help in San Francisco. The good news is, mold remediation can clean up the existing mold and help prevent the return.

Can I Clean Up Mold on My Own?

While it may be possible to take care of small patches of mold as a DIY project, chances are you have more somewhere else. Before any mold remediation can begin, the water source needs to be addressed. If not, it is an ongoing battle. SERVPRO has certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) who understand mold and what it takes to remove it, clean up affect areas and content, and prevent it from coming back.

Call a Company You Can Trust

When you call our company for mold remediation, you are not only getting well-trained technicians but also years of experience. Our mold removal process involves:
    •    Containment
    •    Moisture removal
    •    Disposal of infected materials
    •    Antimicrobial & antifungal agents
    •    Disinfecting
    •    Cleaning impacted content
    •    Cleaning structural elements
    •    Sealants

Mold is not something to mess with, so call in the professionals. Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 for mold remediation services.

Can SERVPRO Clean My Office Venetian Blinds During Fire Restoration?

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

open venetian blinds When fire damages your office, nothing is spared from smoke and soot. SERVPRO knows how to clean and restore your office.

San Francisco Entrepreneurs Are Looking for Thorough Fire Restoration

San Francisco business owners know that when their business is not open, it is not earning money. However, they will still have overheads, such as staff wages, rent, and insurance to pay. That is why, in the event of a disaster, it is vital to open again as soon as possible.

Entrepreneurs in San Francisco need fire restoration services upon which they can rely. That is why SERVPRO should be your first call – we are Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Which office furnishings can be affected by fire?

Soot is a grimy, sticky substance that, unfortunately, bonds with many kinds of material. Soot damages all types of office furnishings, including:

  • Desks and chairs
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Cushions, wall hangings, and throws
  • Drapes and blinds, including Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a favored choice of window covering in offices as they fit most sizes of windows. But what happens when fire damages the blinds?

How does SERVPRO clean Venetian blinds?

Two main cleaning methods are suitable for Venetian blinds.

The first is immersion cleaning. We mix Ultra Content Cleaner with hot water and immerse damaged items in it, using a sponge to dislodge soils, which is particularly useful for small patches of soot.

However, if the blinds require full immersion, ultrasonic cleaning is an excellent choice. The steps are:

  • Decide on the correct water temperature, cleaning solution, and frequency of bubbles
  • Place the blinds in an ultrasonic tank filled with water and cleaning solution
  • Switch the machine on – the device creates millions of bubbles that implode and create microscopic jet streams that agitate and remove soils

What about the rest of the office?

Do not worry – we are here to clean your business premises from top to bottom. Our teams have the equipment and skill to scrub soot residues from walls and ceilings, furniture, wood, metal, and even HVAC systems. We also carry out repairs to put your premises back the way it was and make sure it is safe to use once more.

For help with fire restoration, call SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137.

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What Makes Some Water Damage Mitigation Services Better Than Others?

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

"Let us work for you" Let us help you get your San Francisco home back in order after a devastation takes place.

The Right Professional Qualifications and Equipment Distinguish Better San Francisco Mitigation Services, Like SERVPRO, From Others. 

When a leak or other clean water-related event impacts your San Francisco home, you need to find the most capable mitigation service to solve your problem and limit the resulting damage. While several local remediation companies handle water issues, they are not of equal quality or effectiveness. Many simply do not have the necessary training and tools to successfully resolve every water issue. However, some services, like SERVPRO, have extensively credentialed and experienced technicians with all the equipment needed to handle even the most challenging situations.

What Training and Credentials Do SERVPRO Professionals Have?

Unlike the workers at some other San Francisco water damage mitigation companies, our professionals undergo extended training and are certified in a wide variety of topics concerning water damage remediation. Some of the specialized fields they are individually certified in are:

Water damage restoration

Applied structural drying

Applied microbial remediation

Odor control

Carpet cleaning

Carpet repair & reinstallation

Rug cleaning

Upholstery & Fabric cleaning

Leather cleaning

Color repair

With this education, SERVPRO workers usually know how to limit the overall negative effects of water on your home and maintain its structural integrity. Moreover, their industry knowledge often enables them to save your precious furnishings and return them to their original state.

Can SERVPRO Identify and Source Less Noticeable Water Damage?    

One of the many benefits of using SERVPRO is our ability to identify and precisely locate the sources of even the least noticeable water damage. We do this by using the latest state-of-the-art detection tools. This high-tech equipment includes:

Sensors that can detect excess moisture in structural elements and household items

Meters to precisely measure the levels of moisture in materials throughout your home

Thermo hygrometers enable technicians to learn more about airborne moisture in your residence via vapor pressure, specific humidity, and dew point calculations

Infrared cameras that can see through structural elements, like ceilings, walls, and baseboards, to locate sources of water leaks

Operating with these advanced tools, our workers can generally find all surfaces and materials impacted by water. This ensures that they do not miss affected structural elements and other materials that, if left untreated, could develop more advanced water damage over time. In this way, we can safeguard your home from gradually developing mold and mildew stains, dry rot, and persistent foul odors.

How Exactly Do We Mitigate Water Damage?

Equipped with all the latest advanced devices, we employ a wide variety of techniques to limit your losses from clean water-related issues. These tools and techniques empower our workers to effectively dry out the interior air of your home, as well as surfaces and materials around your residence that contain excess moisture. Our water damage mitigation procedure involves the following:

Locating and blocking/eliminating water sources with detection devices

Extracting pools of standing water with wet vacs or high-powered extractors

Circulating and exchanging moist interior air for drier exterior air with high-velocity fans and air blowers

Drying interior air and surfaces with different types of advanced dehumidifiers  

Removing excess moisture from difficult-to-access places behind ceilings and walls with innovative injectidry systems

Treating impacted surfaces, materials, and areas with foggers to disinfect and deodorize them

Ultimately, these efforts limit how much damage you suffer as a result of a water leak or other clean water event. They work to reduce the time your home is exposed to water and excess moisture, help to quickly eliminate microbial threats that could cause further damage in the long run, and neutralize odors that would otherwise persist for an extended period of time.   

Homeowners should remain vigilant against the omnipresent threat of leaks and other water-related problems. Remember that, every day, someone in the San Francisco area has to deal with such issues. These residential headaches can arise from a myriad of different causes but are often the result of a leaky or ruptured water pipe, a roof leak, malfunctioning appliances, or a deteriorating rusty water container. With that said, whatever the cause of your water problem, it is essential that you have it handled quickly to limit damage, prevent ongoing future effects, and save money on remediating it. It is also crucial to find the right water damage mitigation service with the proper knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job right the first time.    

We know that being impacted by a water event is an exceedingly stressful experience. However, rest assured that effective, high-quality local help is available when you need it most. Remember, if your home ever suffers clean water damage, call SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 for assistance.

Who Can Help Cleanup Water Damage Caused by Storms in San Francisco?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up Of Spilled Water On Kitchen Floor At Home Your home deserves the best care after suffering from any type of damage.

Contact SERVPRO for All Your Water Damage Needs in Your San Francisco Home.

No one ever knows what kind of damage weather will cause to the home. Maybe it is a roof that began to leak after a storm, or maybe the damage is caused by flooding. If this happened in your San Francisco home, would you know what to do? Water damage is no easy thing to deal with on your own, but this company has the answer.

What can the experts at SERVPRO do to help you clean up the water problem caused by storm damage?

Storms damage in San Francisco is not always anticipated and can happen suddenly. Your home could be damaged, and it can happen very suddenly. Since this is the case, our company has several services that can help. The services we offer are listed in the paragraphs below.

24-Hour Emergency Service

In order to make sure that any damage to your home is kept to a minimum, we offer 24-hour service. This means that any time water damage strikes, you can be sure that you will be able to talk to an expert immediately. This type of response also keeps the cost of damage and restoration service very low. Time is crucial to stopping the spread of water and the damage that it can cause.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

No matter the size of the problem, our experts will be there as fast as they possibly can. This type of response keeps the cost of damage and restoration service very low. Time is crucial to stopping the spread of water and the damage that it can cause. Water damage has a timeline to how far it can spread and how bad the situation can get, the faster the response time, the better.

Highly Trained Water Restoration Technicians

All of our Water Restoration Technicians are certified and highly trained to ensure our customers get the best restoration services possible. Not only are they initially trained before they begin their work in this area, but they are constantly in continuing education courses to keep them up to date.

Advanced Water Inspection, Extraction, and Drying Equipment

Once there has been damage from flooding or other storm-related activities, there is a lengthy process to repair your home. Our company has six steps to completely restore your home. Here is a list of the steps we follow:

    •    Emergency Contact
    •    Inspection and Water Damage Assessment
    •    Water Removal/Water Extraction
    •    Drying and Dehumidification
    •    Cleaning and Sanitizing
    •    Restoration

So, for any water damage problems caused by bad weather, give us a call. Your home deserves the best care after suffering from any type of damage. Make the call, and you will never regret contacting the professionals that treat your home as if it is their own. Do not delay, call (650) 591-4137 and talk to a SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos specialist today.

My San Francisco Home Has Water Damage, Why Call the Pros?

7/19/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking onto a tile from under a door Water damage cleanup can be a hassle for you and your family to take care of alone. Contact SERVPRO for the necessary remediation to your home.

Prompt Water Damage Cleanup by SERVPRO Lessens Loss and Brings Your San Francisco Property Back to Pre-Loss Condition

Water rushing into your home from a broken pipe might not be how you expected to spend the evening. However, water loss incidents tend to happen when you least expect it. Instead of waiting until morning or trying to handle the cleanup on your own, SERVPRO is available to come to your San Francisco home 24/7. We are the number one choice in the area for prompt, reliable help with water damage, and our IICRC-certified technicians will be happy to address any questions you may have regarding our process.

What is Involved in Water Removal?

Any standing water in your home must get removed first. We have a variety of extraction tools and various equipment we bring to each water damage cleanup in San Francisco, including:

  •   Commercial-grade pumps and extractors
  •   Wet-dry vacuums
  •   Light wands
  •   Rovers, also known as weighted extractors, and more

Our equipment allows us to adjust and handle any size job in the most efficient and reliable way possible. Once the standing water gets removed in San Francisco from the loss zone, we can start with the drying phase.

Some of the tools and equipment that we utilize for drying your interior include:

  •   Industrial-strength fans
  •   Axial fans
  •   Turbo-drying air movers
  •   Refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers

Most, or all of these pieces of equipment, will be set up to work in unison to both speed drying and to control water vapor lingering in the air. This equipment helps boost airflow in the loss zone, along with heat, both of which are necessary for proper drying of the space. The drying process gets carefully monitored, and our crew takes the time to adjust equipment strength and placement to achieve our trying goals.

Handling any water intrusion as soon as it happens helps to lessen the loss. This not only cuts back on the potential for structural damage, but it also prevents health issues from dangerous bacterial growth if water is left to fester. Our proven methods for water damage mitigation include:

  •   Rapid removal of all standing water and moisture in and around the loss zone
  •   Efficient dehumidification and drying
  •   Full restoration of all personal belongings and structural elements
  •   Total disinfection of affected areas
  •   Careful removal of all mildew and mold development
  •   Thorough deodorization and sanitization


With any water loss, the longer that moisture lingers, the more significant the threat. Our IICRC-certified technicians can handle all types of damage and we know all of the signs to look for that mold may be developing. We have strong attention to detail when it comes to water removal and drying to get you back to your normal routine faster.

What About Hidden Moisture?

Depending on the path that the water takes, migration can be an issue, and hidden moisture must get handled properly. If water made its way behind your baseboards or into your wall cavities, we have several techniques to try, including:

  •   Scoping the area with moisture detection tools to pinpoint the problem areas that must be addressed.
  •   Performing drainage techniques like drilling weep holes in your walls or ceilings – this allows for proper drainage and to facilitate better airflow for drying purposes.
  •   Controlled demolition for materials such as saturated sheetrock, which can begin to swell and crumble. Once the unsalvageable sheetrock gets removed, it is replaced with brand-new materials and finished off to match the preloss condition.

You Can Count on Us for Total Drying

Despite best efforts, merely using fans, dehumidifiers and air movers may not be enough to achieve our set drying goals. We have access to specialized drying equipment that helps us to force air into tough or tight spaces. For example, drying mats are ideal for helping to push dry, warm air into wet floor joists, and subfloor. We also have the Injecti-Dry system that helps to facilitate speedy drying of wall cavities.

Can I Salvage My Carpets?

When water is from a clean source, such as a burst pipe, and your carpeting has not been saturated for too long, the chances are good that we can salvage it. Some exceptions might be issues with staining or rust spots from metal furnishings or finished wood surfaces sitting on the wet carpet for prolonged periods.

What About My Furniture?

Many furnishings can be thoroughly cleaned and then sanitized. If swelling has developed with furnishings made of porous materials like MDF, they will not be salvageable. In some instances, we can move furnishings and other belongings away from the loss zone or off-site for further cleaning and restoration.

Call SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos whenever you need help with water damage cleanup. To have our Green Fleet deployed to your property in as little as four hours or less, call us 24/7 at (650) 591-4137.

Who Can Help with My Flooded San Francisco Garden Level Living and Storage Areas?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

Servpro tech consulting with customer Storm damage in your San Francisco home? Don’t let moisture take over, call SERVPRO right away.

Fast Water Removal and Structural Drying Are SERVPRO Specialties, Responsive to Flood Damage in Residential Walk-Out Lower Levels

Housing in San Francisco often features walkouts to backyard gardens or front door courtyards. We make the most of the footprint of our homes, building up while also inviting the outdoors inside on the street-level. This construction style can protect upper levels from storm-related flooding but exposes utility and storage areas, family rooms, and additional sleeping areas to storm damage risks.

What Should I Do While Waiting for Help?

When heavy rains cause water to rise inside your San Francisco home, flood damage causes safety risks as well as damage to structures. Appliances located on the lowest level can short out electronics and rust their metal components. You must shut down circuit breakers in flooded areas. Check storage, including tuck-under garages, to raise boxes, tools, and more above the flood line. Keep refrigerators or freezers closed until help arrives to seal out water and avoid spoilage. Remove piles of laundry and throw rugs.

What Are the Work Crew’s Focuses?

When the SERVPRO team arrives, we have three primary concerns. Our crew chief first inspects your space to manage safety issues and then devise a plan. As soon as the area is determined safe to enter, our employees follow up with the final two broad goals:

Aggressive Water Extraction and Disposal

  • Placement of submersible pumps for water deeper than two inches
  • Employment of truck-mounted extractors for the bulk of the remaining standing water
  • Use of portable extractors for confined spaces holding water
  • Containment of the water extracted and disposal according to local regulation

Structural Drying

  • Moisture detection and metering to gather baseline data for drying goals (including measurement of moisture levels in “dry” areas of the home for comparison)
  • Calculation of the positioning and number needed of drying equipment for efficacious drying based on flood damage restoration best practices
  • Drying structural components and fixtures, with periodic monitoring, using:
    • Air movers
    • Heaters
    • Dehumidifiers

 The fast response and professionalism of SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos deliver successful flood damage restoration results. Call us at (650) 591-4137 to schedule a speedy assessment and implementation of a workable recovery plan.

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How Can I Be Sure that Water Damage in My Home is Removed?

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

leak coming from the ceiling Did you notice a leak in your home from a winter rain? Call SERVPRO in Redwood City to mitigate your problem.

Count on SERVPRO When You Need Water Extraction from Your Redwood City Home

Redwood City's dry, sunny summers allow homeowners to detect water damage from winter rain and snow.  The December - February rainy season could have caused roof or gutter leaks to drip water stealthily through the ceiling down interior sheetrock walls. Visible plus invisible water damage indicates an expert in water remediation, and removal, like SERVPRO, is needed.

How Else Do I Know That I Need Help Correcting and Preventing Water Damage?

As you gaze at the ceiling stains and water damage to your Redwood City home, you also notice a few grayish and black flecks in the water discolorations on the walls.  This stirs you to action. What if the water damage has sneakily spread and grown mold inside the wall? Your 2020 experience with COVID-19 has altered and upgraded your expectations to a higher standard of clean and water damage restoration.  A national company like SERVPRO, whose local franchise employs certified technicians, is equipped to remediate and repair the water damage to the walls and ceiling resulting from slow leaks and surface microorganisms.

What Equipment and Methods Will Certified Technicians Use to Eliminate Water Damage and Restore My Home?

Our local franchise can send IICRC Certified Technicians to scope visible and hidden water intrusions in the structure.  These trusted professionals use advanced equipment to identify and classify the extent of water damage and to ensure its restoration to the highest industry standards.  Some tools for detecting and correcting the breadth of damage include the following:

  • moisture sensors
  • moisture meters
  • extractors
  • HEPA filtered wet vacs and air scrubbers

Walls are inspected and carpets are examined.  Dehumidifiers and deodorizers are typically placed to maximize the drying time and eliminate foul smells.  The rapid response time is always matched with excellent customer service that adheres to cleaning and decontamination standards. We are Certified SERVPRO Cleaned.

SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos is available 24/7 to mitigate water damage to your home.  Contact us at (650) 591-4137 for help.