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How To Detect Mold Issues

8/16/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Build Up on Ceiling When mold starts to invade your home, dealing with mold removal quickly and safely should be a priority.

How To Detect Mold Issues

Mold thrives in moist, dark, and nutrient-rich environments. They may enter your house by any of your vents, doors, HVAC ducts, or windows. Molds may develop and spread in as little as 48 hours, which is much worse. Molds aren't simply dangerous to your house and possessions; they may also put your health at risk. But how can homeowners detect molds?

Musty Smell

In particular, if the musty odor originates from your HVAC system, this can signify the presence of mold. Mold thrives in moist and humid conditions, making your HVAC system an ideal breeding ground for spores.

Presence of colored blotches on Ceilings or walls.

There is a greater likelihood that water will drop from a roof hole or a fracture in your wall. Mold might begin forming on the leak or rupture if it isn't addressed. So this can lead to gray, white, or black blotches on ceilings or walls.

There are visible mold spores.

The most evident indicators of mold development can be seen with the naked eye, such as mold spores in your house's humid regions. Molds may be challenging to get rid of, even with soap and a sponge, since molds are such tenacious creatures.

Cold or flu symptoms 

Mold may cause allergies and other respiratory issues such as persistent cold or flu. So, if you have these symptoms, watch out for mold presence.

If your home or business in Belmont, CA has been flooded, you should immediately contact a water damage restoration company. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos Water damage restoration company has the expertise to deal with floods and water damage quickly, reducing mold development and its consequences. Call us at (650) 591-4137.

Locations in your home may be at risk for water damage.

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Home living room Our top-notch people use the most advanced equipment to detect hidden moisture and extract standing water.

Locations in your home may be at risk for water damage. 

There is no joking around when it comes to Belmont/ San Carlos property damage. Even though homeowners may not worry about this, many occur when you least expect them. Water damage is one of the issues that keep popping up. These incidents may make you feel that there is no way out, but knowing the locations at home that may be at risk of water damage helps in the long run! Just a few instances include the following:

The Bathroom

Humidity crises are also prevalent in bathrooms. Mold and other germs may thrive in stagnant water if faucets aren't checked regularly. When bathrooms aren't adequately ventilated after a bath or shower, mold may form on the walls.

The Kitchen

Several elements in the kitchen make it a high-risk location for water damage. If your kitchen cabinetry and flooring may warp if leaking pipes are left ignored, resulting in extensive damage and pricey cleaning.

The Roof

The roof is among the first lines of protection against water damage caused by weather. On the other hand, roofs are weakened by each blow and must be maintained to keep the inside dry. So, it is highly suggested that you get regular checks.

The Basement

Flooding is a possibility in basements since they are below ground level. Check the foundation and seals on walls and ceilings to verify that your basement isn't vulnerable to water damage.

Disasters may still happen in your Belmont/ San Carlos home even if you know where these rooms are located. If this happens, you'll want to call in the experts at SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos (650) 591-4137 to handle the water damage cleaning effectively.


5/25/2022 (Permalink)

Water Flooding When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial.


The use of water is beneficial to our health, but it is not helpful to your home. If your home is flooded with water, you should take the following steps to protect your home from suffering additional damage:

  • Disconnect the House from the Electric System.
  • Find out where the water is coming from that is leaking.
  • Take Away the Soggy Things
  • Clearwater from the area that was damaged
  • Open Windows
  • Dial the number of the water damage restoration company.
  • Take  Pictures of the Area That Was Affected

Take Actions Immediately

After discovering that the water is flooding, you must act immediately. Maintain your composure and use extreme caution if you work with electronics or circuits during floods. The quicker you take action; the less harm water will do to your house if it gets inside. In addition, leaks and cracks in the foundation should NOT be ignored since they will not only cause damage to your foundation but also provide an ideal environment for mold development.

Also, because mold begins to develop between 24 and 48 hours after it is exposed to moisture, it is in your best interest to have a trained water damage restoration expert investigate any areas that could be at risk for mold growth. Give SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos team a call today at (650) 591-4137.

How To Detect Water Damage

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

Professional Is Fixing a Pipe With more than 50 years of experience you can trust us to develop a water damage restoration plan to help ensure your home is clean, dry, and restored

How To Detect Water Damage

Houses are one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime, and buying one is a substantial financial commitment. However, when protecting your investment, you should be on the lookout for any domestic concerns and fix them before the situation worsens. One of them is water damage. And the best way of dealing with water damage is to detect it at first. So, how do you detect water damage?

Always look at the Floors.

It doesn't matter what type of flooring you have; water damage will show up. And this is why it is essential to look out on the tile and wood floors for cracks, buckling, or warping. 

Look for stains.

These include stains on the floor surrounding a bathroom's bathtub or toilet and on ceilings and walls stained by water. Spotting unusual stains in the wall might suggest that a pipe or drain is leaking behind it. It's also possible that bloated or soft-to-touch patches in the drywall indicate issues.

Observe from the Outside.

Take a look around the outside of your home. Water pools in the yard, gutters that aren't moving water far enough away from home, or leaking rain gutters are all things to watch for while inspecting a property's drainage systems. Your home's foundation might be at risk from any of these conditions.

Keep an eye out for rust and mold.

Check for corrosion on the tank or moist patches on the floor when inspecting the water heater. Smelly tanks might be an indication of an ongoing leak. It's also possible that water seepage might be causing corrosion near pipe connections. Your home's nooks and crannies may be harboring tiny mold spores, which may be seen by looking for visible mold development.

Your Trusted Restoration and Clean Up Service

Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos services immediately for all your property restoration requirements, including water damage, fire damage, and storm damage repair. You can call us at (650) 591-4137.

What You Need to Know About Water Damage

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

Noticeable water damage on the ceiling Our customer-focused professionals will assess the residential water damage to your property. Then help you understand the severity of the damage.

What You Need to Know About Water Damage

Having to deal with water damage is the worst nightmare for every homeowner. And in the event of a leaky pipe or a flooded basement, the whole house activities have to be on pause until your house is dry and secured. Here are three things you need to know about water damage to protect your house and respond correctly in the event of an emergency:

The type of water matters.

The three types of water causing damage at home are rainwater, fresh water, and sewage water. And they all need a different approach to combat them. Bacteria in sewage may make you very unwell and even kill you. Unfortunately, it is frequently simple to discern the difference since it will smell just as you expect. However, experts in water damage restoration will have the necessary tools and equipment to tackle any water-related issues that may arise securely.

Watch out for the presence of mold.

Despite the water being removed from your home, there is still moisture lurking in the shadows that you may not be aware of. And this can lead to mold growth in places such as crawl spaces and under floorboards. Toxic mold may harm a house's structure and have significant effects. A mold prevention expert should inspect your property to ensure that this dangerous substance isn't encroaching on your property.

Check out for attics.

A leaking roof or clogged gutters are the most typical causes of water damage, so your attic is particularly vulnerable. Check your attic often for signs of water damage to ensure that a tiny leak does not escalate into a more significant issue.

Your Trusted Restoration and Clean Up Services.

Immediately call SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 if you believe that your house has been flooded or has water damage or mold. And to prevent future losses, urgent action is needed for all sorts of water damage. We will assist you in ensuring your safety and protecting your financial interests.

What Is Water Damage Remediation?

4/19/2022 (Permalink)

Professional Is Fixing a Busted Water Pipe SERVPRO’s professionals specialize in repairing and restoring following residential water damage.

What Is Water Damage Remediation?

By definition, water remediation is the process of remedying or reversing damages caused by water. In other terms, it involves cleaning, sanitizing, restoring, and drying damages that are the direct result of unwanted water in a business or home.

For any case of water damage, it's critical to act in an efficient and quick manner to clean the water and prevent additional damage from accumulating. If the damage is not handled in a rapid fashion, the affected areas will breed mold. For this to grow in a home, there must be an organic material such as insulation, drywall, wood, and moisture. Upon providing these two elements for the spores, mold starts growing in as little as 24 hours.

The first step in the process of remediation includes inspection of the water loss. During this process, a professional team will identify the category and class of the damages, which in turn helps determine the right course of action. Class 1 water damage means that water has damaged some of a room that has yet to absorb significant concentrations, often resulting in low repair costs. Class 2 water damage means that an entire room has been affected, and walls have begun soaking up the water. Class 3 water damage means that flooding has expanded to the ceiling, making it fully saturated. Class 4 water damage indicates issues affecting concrete, hardwood flooring, and stone, with special drying methods having to be implemented.

Excess and outstanding water will be extracted by a team of professionals. Once this is finished, the structure will be dried, and all traces of moisture will be removed. Next, the area will be cleaned and sanitized to ensure no mold spores are present. Finally, the structure will be restored to working conditions.

When you have water damage to your home, call SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 for quick response to prevent further damage and begin the water repair and restoration process. 

Water Damage and Home Safety

4/8/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded room in a home When you have water damage to your home, SERVPRO® will respond quickly to prevent further damage and begin the water repair and restoration process.

Water Damage and Home Safety

When you suffer from water damage in a home, it's important to note the steps that could have led to its prevention. Plumbing, storm, or flood issues are extremely costly and typically require immediate action to remediate.

Leaking Supply Line

Washing machines tend to be fed by supply lines that face constant pressure. In the event that your water lines are composed of braided stainless steel, you often do not need to be concerned. The problem lies in whether or not the washing machine contains supply lines composed of PVC or rubber. These can easily rupture and wear out, which results in an entire laundry room flooding in the span of a handful of minutes if you fail to shut off the source of water in time. In short, use the right material for all lines.

Air Conditioning Condensation

AC units are designed to produce condensation in which moisture drips from the evaporator coil into a pan and is ejected from a property via a drain line. This system works until damage is taken by the pan or the drain line becomes clogged with dirt or dust. When water cannot escape, it will leak out from your AC straight into the house. All that unwanted water can damage the walls and floor, weakening the insulation.

Blocked Drains

Any drain, regardless of whether it is a kitchen sink, bathtub, or bathroom floor, can clog for a variety of reasons. Grease buildup, dirt, hair, toiletries, and other foreign objects have the potential to obstruct the pipe and prevent proper drainage. When not taken care of on a routine basis, they can easily back up, resulting in water damage and flooding.

SERVPRO’s professionals specialize in repairing and restoring following residential water damage. Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137.

The Common Causes of Water Damage

3/16/2022 (Permalink)

flooded home flooded home

The Common Causes of Water Damage

Life isn't possible without the presence of water. Unfortunately, for all its benefits, water can prove to be one of the most destructive forces of nature. When considering all the potential natural disasters that could affect a property, water damage stands the best chance of taking the top position.

Water damage can affect an indoor space on virtually any level. In the event that water creeps into regions of your property where it shouldn't, the floor can warp. Furthermore, water damage inevitably discolors walls, with the buildup of moisture resulting in not only mold formation but also an infestation of vermin. What's worse, the water damage that is not instantly addressed through restoration efforts can weaken the foundation of a structure.

Sadly, the costs related to water damage are deceptively high. You may believe that a single inch of flooding won't burn much of a hole in your wallet. Yet, there are too many instances in which this small concentration causes damages that often cost thousands of dollars to restore and repair. Perhaps the worst part about water damage is the fact that it can occur at any time.

Here is a brief list of some of the common causes of water damage.

Severe Weather Conditions

Various natural disasters like hurricanes and thunderstorms don't occur on a daily basis, but when they do, there is a significant risk of water damage affecting indoor properties. 

Clogged Gutters

A home gutter system is designed to prevent rainwater from seeping into a house. Yet, these often get blocked by various debris over periods of time.

Pipe Leaks

Loose-fitting pipes in kitchens can leak enough water to cause damage to nearby cabinetry. A broken pipe inside the walls could worsen the situation as well. Water damage like leaks can result in huge problems, leading to the formation of entire mold colonies.

A storm, flood or plumbing problem can leave your home with extensive water damage. Immediate action is necessary to mitigate the damage. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos is here to help. Call us at (650) 591-4137.

Professional Water Mitigation in Redwood City is a Must

5/16/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged ceiling that is falling apart Excess water needs to be removed quickly before the materials further deteriorate. Call our team to bring the water removal equipment.

Involve Professional Restorers like SERVPRO for Water Mitigation in Redwood City Even If a Small Water Leak causes it

Water damage can take a significant toll on your property. Damage related to more than one inch of water from a faulty water heater or dishwasher can be expensive to restore if you do not act fast. Involving experienced restorers like SERVPRO is the best way to minimize damage and get your home to its preloss damage.

Since we understand how disruptive and stressful water damage can be, we respond within the shortest time possible to conduct water mitigation in Redwood City. We conduct a thorough inspection to gauge the severity of the damage. Our SERVPRO team of highly trained technicians can dry out a property effectively. This helps in:

  • Speeding up the drying process
  • Minimizing the chances of mold growth
  • Preventing structural instability

We can extract the excess water on your carpeting and pad using a self-propelled extraction tool. The tool squeezes the excess water in the carpet using the restorer’s weight, leaving only moisture behind. If water has seeped into your wooden floor, our SERVPRO restorers could use portable electric heaters to speed up evaporation. We contain the heat against the wooden floor using 6-mil plastic and sandbags. 

It is essential to allow professionals to perform water mitigation for effective restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos for excellent water mitigation “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (650) 591-4137.

Who Do You Call When a Washing Machine Hose Malfunctions in Foster City?

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

view of brightly colored clothes on spin cycle in top loading washing machine Malfunctioning washing machines are a main source of water damage each year. Our team is trained to located the hidden water and restore your home.

SERVPRO Provides Water Removal Services to Foster City Residents

Gallons of water can rapidly pour into your home when a washer hose comes loose. If you catch it right away and shut off the water, the water damage can seem minimal, but hidden moisture damage can cause problems days later.

The Washing Machine Was on An Upper Level 

When the washing machine is on the second story, the water migrates. The water in this situation spread into the hallway and the ceiling below. Professional water removal services in Foster City are needed at this point. Moisture moves in different ways:

  • Liquid flow
  • Air movement
  • Capillary suction
  • Vapor diffusion

Our team is trained to seek out and remove hidden water damage. Employing various water damage restoration methods, including water extraction, drying the home, cleaning, and restoring, our crews can handle ceiling repairs from water damage and basement flooding cleanup. Water damage repairs will put your home back in working order in no time. For professional water removal service, contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 today.

In-Home Flooding Means Water Cleanup is Needed in Redwood City

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used in water damaged home Water damage can come from a variety of sources. Whatever the scope, SERVPRO is ready and equipped to restore your home.

SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Remediation When a Water Intrusion Occurs in your Redwood City Home

Redwood City got its start as home to the Ohlone people, a Native American group from Northern California. It went on to become a port city, becoming the destination point of goods and lumber. Today, it is in Silicon Valley and is the headquarters for numerous global technology companies. Although home to technology, there are many historic landmarks and lots to see and do.

Famous Redwood City People

Redwood City is home to quite a few notable people in various areas of endeavors. There are politicians, sports figures, and entertainers. They include:

  • John Huntsman, Jr – politician & diplomat
  • Davante Adams – football player
  • Geoff Blum – baseball player & broadcaster
  • Jeff Clark – wave surfer
  • Lily Zhang – Olympic table tennis
  • Bela Lugosi – actor
  • Chelsi Smith – Miss USA & Miss Universe

Union Cemetery

This California Historical Landmark was started in 1859. It was San Mateo County’s first American burial ground. The cemetery closed in 1918, but the poor continued to be buried there. Visitors can see the graves of California volunteers who died during the Civil War, plus other historical plots. It is a beautiful area and well worth the visit.

Lathrop House

Built in 1863, the Lathrop-Connor Mansfield House is an eleven-room house. The home initially rested on the spot the Fox Theatre is on. Tall arches and gables adorn the building making it a lovely architectural work. The unique steamboat design is specific to the period. Today it is a museum and heritage center dedicated to preserving Redwood City history.

The Fox Theatre

Originally known as The New Sequoia Theater, it opened in 1929 and drew visitors to new motion pictures. It is a work of art with a Moorish design on the inside and a Gothic-style exterior. In one manner or another, it has been an ongoing venue for entertainment featuring entertainers such as Bill Cosby, BB King, and Melissa Etheridge.

Bair Island Ecological Reserve

Bair Island is made up of three islands, Inner, Outer, and Middle Island, which span over 3,000 acres, are part of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The Reserve is an ecological wetland and is home to many species, including the Salt marsh harvest mouse and the California clapper rail, and endangered species. Visitors can tour the wetlands and marsh area on guided trails.

Parks & Recreation

There are a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in Redwood City. If you love wildflowers, Edgewood County Park is famous for them. There are over 25 city parks residents and visitors alike can take advantage of throughout the year. And if you are in our area on July 4th, you won’t want to miss one of the largest Independence Day parade events in the US.

SERVPRO Provides Water Cleanup Service to Redwood City Residents

Whether you need basement flooding cleanup, sewage cleanup, or ceiling roof repairs from water damage SERVPRO has you covered. Fast mitigation is necessary to prevent secondary damage whenever there is a water intrusion. We provide:

  • Water extraction with various pumps
  • Drying with commercial air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Water damage remediation
  • Ceiling repairs from water damage
  • Flood restoration

If you need professional water cleanup, give SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos a call at (650) 591-4137.

Water Restoration for Local Companies in Redwood City

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used to day water damaged wall SERVPRO has the right equipment to restore your water damaged home.

Why Does Water Restoration Take Longer for Some Materials in Redwood City?

Almost all materials absorb moisture to some degree. For example, carpets tend to absorb a great deal more water than hardwood floors or cement floors. Why do some walls absorb more than others?

SERVPRO completes an assessment of the materials and the absorption rates before beginning water restoration activities for Redwood City companies. An unpainted wall with drywall may need to be replaced, while one that is painted may not need replacement due to the difference in moisture absorption rates of painted surfaces. This process is called Permeance.

Examples of materials with low permeance absorption rates include:

  • Vapor barriers
  • Glass, enamel
  • Masonry brick
  • Vapor retarding paints such as high gloss or semi-gloss paints.

Materials with high Permeance include:

  • Fabrics, carpets
  • Unpainted drywall
  • Particleboard

Fabrics and carpeting can usually be dried, while drywall and particle board tend to swell as they absorb moisture. We replace these items with new materials.

Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos for water restoration services at companies in Redwood City and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (650) 591-4137.

How Do Professional Services in Redwood City Clean Up Water?

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

water leaking from drain under sink Did you know it only takes a little water to cause a lot of damage? SERVPRO's water cleanup services can quickly remove the water and dry your home.

Local Services Follow a Time-Tested Water Cleanup Procedure.

Whenever a water-related issue impacts your home, it is crucial to handle it quickly and effectively. Otherwise, it could do lasting damage to your residence.

Whatever their cause, water leaks have the potential of doing expensive, lasting damage to your home. Quality Redwood City water cleanup services like SERVPRO have developed an efficient procedure for swiftly dealing with these destructive problems. This procedure is as follows:

  • Locating water leak sources with moisture sensors and infrared cameras.
  • Employing powerful wet vacs and extractors to remove standing water.
  • Drying difficult-to-access areas behind structural elements with Injectidry systems.
  • Determining a drying goal and calculating the appropriate air mover-to-dehumidifier ratio for the most efficient drying.
  • Using cutting edge desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers to dry interiors.
  • Treating impacted air, structural elements, and household contents with foggers that dispense EPA-approved disinfectants, fungicides, and deodorants.

With all that said, whenever you need water cleanup services, call your neighborhood SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos at (650) 591-4137.

Foster City Residents Count on SERVPRO for Water Mitigation

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician getting equipment out of the service vehicle. Secondary water damage is no DIY project. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the knowledge, experience and latest technology for your home needs.

 When Water Overflows in Foster City Homes Our Technicians Know Just What to Do

A mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful countryside, and low crime rates make Foster City a great place to call home. Approximately 33,000 people live, work, and play in this quaint town. Considered one of the safest cities in the United States, it is often considered part of Silicon Valley.

Founded in 1960

Foster City does not trace its roots back to the days of Native Americans like many places in California. It is a relatively new city. T. Jack Foster owned a good portion of the land that is now Foster City. He was a real estate magnate and saw the potential in converting an engineered landfill into something with a future. The town is located near the San Francisco Bay marshes. The city is named after Foster and in 2009 was on Forbes’ America’s Top 25 Towns to Live Well list. It came in at #10. 

Home to Many Businesses

There are quite a few well-known businesses that have their headquarters in Foster City. Visa Inc. moved their headquarters there and, at one point, was the biggest employer in the area. Today the top 10 employers are:

  • Gilead Sciences
  • Visa
  • Inovant LLC
  • Guideware Software, Inc.
  • Zoox
  • CyberSource
  • Illumina Inc
  • IBM
  • CSG Consultants
  • BrightEdge

Recreational Activities Abound

Those who live in Foster City, work there, or come for a visit enjoy a variety of top-notch recreational venues. The city has more than 24 beautiful parks. Public soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts abound. There are excellent rollerblading and biking trails that run alongside the San Francisco Bay. Needless to say, the view is stunning. 

Mariners Point

If you love golfing or want to learn the game, Mariners Point is the place to go. They feature a 9-hole golf course and a driving range. They are well-known for their comprehensive teaching. The Mariners Point Golf Center is on public land and invites everyone from beginners to pros to stop by and enjoy a round of golf. They have 64 practice stalls that allow you to tighten up your game. Visitors can enjoy:

  • Well-tended natural grass practice tees
  • Driving range with easy-to-read yardage markers
  • Clearly defined target greens
  • Short game facility open seven days a week
  • Bunkers to practice pitching, sand shots, and chipping
  • Challenging 9-hole, par-three golf course

Windsurfing & Kite-Surfing Along the Bay

Adjacent to Mariners Point is a world-class kitesurfing and windsurfing spot. Baywinds Park is known for being one of the places serious kiteboarders head to for some kitesurfing. The winds in this area are steady and consistent, building throughout the day and peaking towards evening. Unloading your windsurfing gear is easy, as the park is right along the bayfront. There are also:

  • Concession stands
  • Kiteboarding rentals
  • Kiteboarding lessons
  • A synthetic turf area
  • New restrooms and rinse areas

Dragon Boating

If you have wondered what dragon boating is all about, now is your chance to check it out. Dragon boating has its origins in the Pearl River Delta region in China. Traditionally made of teak, the boat is entirely man-powered. Dragon boat racing is an exciting event. There are two clubs operating in the Lagoon in Foster City. One is the Bay Area Dragons, and which is a dragon boat racing club. The Lagoon is a man-made enclosed system that covers 218 acres. 

Outrigger Canoeing 

The Ho’okahi Pu’uwai Outrigger Canoe Club (HPOCC) is the other club in the Lagoon. Their goal is to share their love of outrigger canoeing and other Pacific Island and Hawaiian paddling sports. They are a non-profit group with crews that train and compete. The Lagoon is dedicated to preserving Foster City’s waterways. To keep noise levels low, only wind, electric, or man-powered boats and watercraft are allowed in the Lagoon.

The Vibe

Keeping the city’s teens busy and active is a goal of the community. The Vibe is a newly constructed center for older kids that includes:

  • TV’s
  • Video games
  • Artrooms
  • Computers
  • A kitchen
  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • Homework rooms
  • Concrete skatepark

Theatre & The Arts

Leo J. Tyan Memorial Park is home to Foster City’s public amphitheater. During the summer, folks can enjoy several City Summer concerts. Right next to the park, there is a boat tie-up facility and a boardwalk to stroll along. Other theater attractions take place at the Hillbarn Theatre. This historic theatre began in 1941 and is host to traditional plays, trivia nights, and theatre classes. 

Werder Pier

Werder Pier was once part of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge expanse. It is one of the oldest and longest piers in California but sadly is no longer in operation due to needed repairs. Other interesting items of interest related to Foster City include:

  • Kevin Mitchell and Jeff Kent, former San Francisco Giants, call Foster City home.
  • Paypal founder Peter Theil was raised here.
  • Over the Edge is a movie based on 1973 Foster City events.
  • Herb Perez is a 1992 Olympic gold medalist and has served in various government positions in Foster City, including being mayor.

SERVPRO Provides Water Mitigation Services to Foster City 

Burst pipes, dishwasher overflows, and similar situations can happen to anyone. When they do happen, you need fast water mitigation. Water seeps under floorboards and into places you cannot see rapidly. Even if you can get up most of the water, hidden moisture can be a problem. SERVPRO has experienced technicians that can:

  • Seek out hidden moisture with specialty equipment
  • Extract water using the right pump for the incident
  • Dry your home with industrial-strength air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Repair and restore damaged elements
  • Leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

If not attended to, water can cause secondary problems such as mold, damaged structural elements, and permanently ruined flooring. If you have experienced a water intrusion, do not risk damage to your home. Contact SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos for professional water mitigation services. Give us a call at (650) 591-4137.

How Can I Be Sure that Water Damage in My Home is Removed?

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

leak coming from the ceiling Did you notice a leak in your home from a winter rain? Call SERVPRO in Redwood City to mitigate your problem.

Count on SERVPRO When You Need Water Extraction from Your Redwood City Home

Redwood City's dry, sunny summers allow homeowners to detect water damage from winter rain and snow.  The December - February rainy season could have caused roof or gutter leaks to drip water stealthily through the ceiling down interior sheetrock walls. Visible plus invisible water damage indicates an expert in water remediation, and removal, like SERVPRO, is needed.

How Else Do I Know That I Need Help Correcting and Preventing Water Damage?

As you gaze at the ceiling stains and water damage to your Redwood City home, you also notice a few grayish and black flecks in the water discolorations on the walls.  This stirs you to action. What if the water damage has sneakily spread and grown mold inside the wall? Your 2020 experience with COVID-19 has altered and upgraded your expectations to a higher standard of clean and water damage restoration.  A national company like SERVPRO, whose local franchise employs certified technicians, is equipped to remediate and repair the water damage to the walls and ceiling resulting from slow leaks and surface microorganisms.

What Equipment and Methods Will Certified Technicians Use to Eliminate Water Damage and Restore My Home?

Our local franchise can send IICRC Certified Technicians to scope visible and hidden water intrusions in the structure.  These trusted professionals use advanced equipment to identify and classify the extent of water damage and to ensure its restoration to the highest industry standards.  Some tools for detecting and correcting the breadth of damage include the following:

  • moisture sensors
  • moisture meters
  • extractors
  • HEPA filtered wet vacs and air scrubbers

Walls are inspected and carpets are examined.  Dehumidifiers and deodorizers are typically placed to maximize the drying time and eliminate foul smells.  The rapid response time is always matched with excellent customer service that adheres to cleaning and decontamination standards. We are Certified SERVPRO Cleaned.

SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos is available 24/7 to mitigate water damage to your home.  Contact us at (650) 591-4137 for help.

How Do You Know When My House Is Dry After Conducting Water Damage Repair?

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help you" No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

SERVPRO Can Use Various Types of Tools To Test for Moisture Content in Your Redwood City Home

After you suffer from a water leak in one of the pipes inside your Redwood City house, our SERVPRO technicians can inspect your entire structure for the presence of moisture. Once we determine what items got wet, we can then conduct extraction and drying procedures to dry them out.

How do you figure out which items got wet?

During our initial inspection before we begin water damage repair inside your Redwood City home, we use moisture sensors and meters to determine which structural components got affected. We can use moisture sensors to detect the presence of H2O in your carpets. We can also use penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters to find the moisture content in building materials such as wood studs and drywall.

How can you tell how wet my drywall and studs in my house got?

As a part of our inspection process, we take measurements of several different materials in your structure. We can take several readings of areas in your home that we know got affected and rooms that did not get wet. By comparing the two moisture content numbers, we can then see how wet an item got. The moisture content reading of the unaffected areas in your house also serves as a drying goal.

How do you tell if the drying procedures are working?

Monitor the drying process- We can return to your home each day that we have drying equipment set up to make sure that your affected building materials and contents are drying. We can take moisture readings each day to figure out if the drying efforts are working how they should.

Ensure the equipment is working properly- We make sure all of our drying equipment is working properly each day until the drying goal is met.

Document the drying process- Each day we take readings, we document the numbers so that we can see the progress over time and show it to you the homeowner.

If a pipe in your house Foster City or surrounding areas ever leaks, call SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 24/7.

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How Do I Stop a Burst Pipe From Causing Damage in Redwood City?

5/31/2020 (Permalink)

burst copper pipe with water leaking Make sure to react quickly when a burst pipe causes water damage in your home. We are available 24/7 for emergencies.

Residents Use Professional Water Removal Services in Redwood City for Pipe Bursts

Temperature changes can cause pipes in your home to expand or contract throughout the year. In older residential properties, pipes can burst or split as a result of the expansion. Burst pipes are a nightmare for Redwood City residents who can see as much as four hundred gallons per hour (GPH) of clean water entering their home. Stopping water to the pipe is essential to stemming the flood of water, but, likely, you may also need professional assistance to pump and extract the existing damage from your home.

What tools do I need for water removal?

  • Sandbags 
  • Water extraction units
  • Submersible electric-powered pumps

How can I prevent standing water from spreading?

Water naturally migrates from wet areas to drier areas. Water migration can be a massive problem in a clean water emergency in Redwood City because more and more of your home is exposed to water. Stemming the flow of water to other areas of the home may be as simple as shutting doors and placing towels at the hems. Our technicians can bring heavy duty sandbags to the property, which not only absorbs moisture but can also prevent water from migrating into wall cavities. Strategically placing sandbags can isolate the water emergency to a specific area, which, in turn, leads to a more efficient drying process.

What is the fastest method of removing water from a property?

Water extractors are up to 1,100 times more effective at removing water from home than dehumidification; thus, electric submersible pumps are still more efficient. Our truck-mounted water extractors can remove up to 100 gallons of water without needing to empty. Using a wide berth hose, we can enter residential properties and extract moisture from carpeting and floors quickly. In tenement buildings, it may be more effective to use portable extractors, which, while still efficient, have a limitation of around ten to twenty gallons before they need emptying.

Get rid of water from your home, contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137.

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How Do I Remove Water from My Redwood Livingroom and Kitchen Floors?

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

Two children and their Mother washing the dishes in the kitchen sink. We know how precious your home is, let SERVPRO help with your Redwood City home.

SERVPRO Restoration Specialists Remove Water from Your Redwood City Home

After a water leak in your Redwood City home, it is crucial to remove the excess standing water and moisture from the air right after you make sure you stop the leak at the source. If excess moisture is left unattended, severe secondary damage such as mold growth or damp sheetrock may occur. 

What Types of Equipment Remove Water?

SERVPRO Technicians Use Appropriate Techniques with State-of-the-Art Equipment to Remove Water

Technicians use extraction equipment, air movers, and dehumidifiers for water removal in your Redwood City home. It is not enough to simply remove water with a shop vac since moisture can impact the humidity levels in the air, potentially causing further damage to your home. 

What Does a Portable Extractor Do?

  • Used for removing water from all types of flooring and upholstery when needed.
  • Sometimes worn as a backpack, sometimes used as a floor rover. 
  • Heated option to allow for more effective cleaning.
  • Pressure control allows for control over the agitation used to clean the surface.
  • Vacuum system to suck up excess water.
  • Waste Tank of up to approximately 12 gallons in larger units to hold dirty water. 

Our IICRC specialists use a variety of equipment that best suits your situation. They may use portable extraction equipment in conjunction with truck-mounted equipment if there are more than two inches of standing water. Portable extractors can easily reach into places that larger equipment misses. After technicians remove the water, they use dehumidifying equipment to pull moisture out of the air and air movers to then blow warm air over impacted surfaces. 

If you experience a leak, contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos 24/7 at (650) 591-4127. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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What is the Best Water Removal Process for San Francisco Bathrooms?

4/23/2020 (Permalink)

Running water overflowing bathroom sink; running off onto floor Looks like this homeowner needs a professional water restoration service. SERVPRO can restore your home, now matter the size or scope of the damage.

Eliminating Bathroom Water Damage from a San Francisco Home 

While bathrooms are generally one of the most well-prepared areas when it comes to handling large amounts of water, there is a myriad of ways that water damage can still occur. Loose seals on resin shower installations, saturated porous wall surfaces, plumbing concerns, and saturated flooring that soaks subflooring underneath can all quickly grow from being a nuisance needing repair to a costly issue in your home.  

If your San Francisco property requires cleanup after bathroom water damage, SERVPRO technicians are a call away from providing emergency response services. SERVPRO's sophisticated moisture measurement tools, extraction and drying equipment, EPA-registered antimicrobials, and rebuilding services can give you more cleanup and restoration for less than you might get when using several different vendors for your needs. Your local SERVPRO is also a licensed general contracting service in case you need more expanded reconstruction for your home (license #937457). 

Choosing Water-Resistant Bathroom Surfaces

  • Single-sheet plastic and acrylic. These surfaces are both cost-effective and extremely common as a result. Both are very easy to install on your own. Acrylic is well-suited for tub surrounds. 
  • Laminate and paint.Laminate offers lots of leeway in terms of appearance and installation choices, as you can buy both tiles and single-sheet installations. If you plan to paint your bathroom, use oil-based waterproof coating paint. 
  • Tiles, constructed from a variety of materials, are the perfect blend of elegance and flexibility. Homeowners can even get pattern sheets to make installation even easier.
  • Glass and stone.These natural materials make a bold statement in any bathroom, but can be more challenging to install. However, if you want to achieve a specific look, these materials can last a long time with the right care.  

SERVPRO Dries Moisture Fast

When drying water-damaged bathroom walls, it is crucial to ensure that air movers and dehumidifiers are perfectly balanced to keep drying fast while eliminating the risk of secondary water damage. In more open bathroom layouts, technicians can erect 6mm polyethylene drying chambers to contain affected areas and accelerate drying.    

SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos leaves your home and its contents looking, "Like it never even happened." When you need fast, reliable mitigation services, you can call (650) 591-4137. 

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Water Removal San Francisco – Sewer Backup

3/3/2020 (Permalink)

Infectious waste symbol We can get your property back to the state it was in before the unfortunate incident.

The Importance of Thorough Water Removal After a Sewer Back Up In Your San Francisco Property

Sewer backups occur for a variety of reasons. Everything from tree roots encroaching on sewer lines, old corroded pipes, or consumers flushing inappropriate materials down the toilet can cause the sewer line to be plugged. The result can be dirty raw sewage backing up into your bathroom, sinks, showers, and overflowing onto the floor.

SERVPRO provides water removal services in San Francisco and surrounding areas. Residents of homes may uncover the mess only after noticing a foul smell or walking into a bathroom or laundry room to find sewage all over the floor. We can help clean and disinfect the area following industry guidelines for sewage contamination.

Removing Infectious Waste

When a toilet overflows or water bubbles up in the shower from a clogged sewer line, there is a possibility of infectious waste material in the liquid. The water may contain cholera, tetanus, typhoid, polio, hepatitis, and a variety of other infectious diseases, which can be very harmful to you and your family. There may also be blood-borne pathogens in the water, which can also be detrimental to everyone.

SERVPRO urges clients to avoid exposing themselves to this contamination unless the suitable protective gear is available. Our crew chief can assess the situation and deploy cleanup technicians with the appropriate protective gear, such as full-body suits, gloves, goggles or face masks, and, if necessary, respirators.

Disposal of the contaminated liquids and removal of contaminated materials must also follow industry guidelines. We clean all materials using EPA registered disinfectant chemicals on all exposed surfaces and contents. We disinfect contents and store these items in a clean staging area until the affected rooms are ready to be used once again.

SERVPRO is a licensed General Contractor - License:937457 and can help with all of the repair and construction work in your home. We can save our clients time to repair their building as well as the total cost.

Call SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Redwood City, Foster City, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Is Your San Francisco Washing Machine Spinning Water Damage?

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

clothes in washing machine during spin cycle Appliances are one of the leading causes of water damage inside homes. Inspect your washing machine hoses often.

Water Damage San Francisco – Eliminating Moisture

Eliminating moisture after a water damage event is essential to avoid ongoing structural issues and potential mold conditions. Attempting to remove moisture from difficult to reach areas of your home, drying wet carpets and behind walls, yourself, risks ongoing air quality issues for homeowners.

Delayed Action Can Cause More Damage

A homeowner called SERVPRO about water damage in their San Francisco home. He explained that a water leak occurred over a week ago and he mopped up all the water and dried all of the hard surfaces as best he could. With the air conditioning on, the humidity in the home decreased to acceptable levels. However, there seemed to be an ongoing odor coming from the area of the laundry room where the leak occurred.

The homeowner had further discussed with a team leader who specializes in water damage mitigation and mold infestations. The water leak had been extensive, and it was highly probable that the walls and flooring contain high levels of moisture, which can lead to the growth of mold. Long term moisture conditions can also compromise the structure of the floor and the walls in the area.

Initial Plan Discussed with Client

SERVPRO indicated that their technicians would need to take atmospheric readings in the home to confirm humidity levels. We would also remove the washing machine and dryer. Moisture readings are taken to determine the exact location of the moisture. The technicians may also need to remove sections of the walls or drill holes in the floor to properly dry the spaces containing liquid or areas of high humidity.

It is essential to remove all sources of moisture to reduce ongoing odor problems and potential long term damage to the floors and walls.  We complete the repair and restoration of the walls and floors would also once the humidity levels returned to acceptable norms. All water leaks should be acted on immediately and thoroughly to avoid odor and structural issues in the home.

Call SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 for 24/7 serve. We serve Redwood City, Inner Mission, Foster City, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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What is the Best Way to Remediate Water Loss Incidents in San Francisco

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is stocked with equipment to dry your home. Call us today!

Professional Water Removal Service In San Francisco 

Despite having the Pacific for a Western border, most San Francisco residents know that the water which spills into their kitchens or through their living rooms comes from a faulty water heater or a corroded pipe connection under a bathroom sink. Quickly getting it out of their homes without causing damage requires a professional service. 

For SERVPRO, San Francisco water removal means finding the source of the leak, stopping it, and then using every piece of equipment in our inventory to draw it out of area homes before it can cause permanent damage. 

Our first technician in every home is a trained inspector. She identifies the source of the intrusion, turns off the water to the problem appliances or pipe and then brings in the rest of the work crew to start the removal process. If the issue is a minor one, a crew member can repair or replace a connection, section of pipe, or a split hose leading into a refrigerator or a washing machine. For significant problems, the inspector recommends bringing in a licensed plumber. 

With no more water coming in, SERVPRO technicians begin removing the standing water in the home. If the level is about ankle-high or more, they use one or more industrial-grade pumps to draw it out of the home quickly. For lower levels, crew members begin the process with small extractors. 

For small rooms and closets, they can use devices that can be worn like a backpack and can draw out five to ten gallons before needing to empty the attached tank. For larger rooms, technicians have access to extractors that can draw water out of carpets and from between floorboards and pump it outside the home into a tank or the nearest sewer access point. With each size extractor, technicians can adjust the vacuum rate to carefully draw out the water without separating the carpet layers or splintering the floorboards. 

SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos proudly, and quickly, serves our community and local area when it comes to any disaster. If you have a water intrusion or other issue with your home here or in Redwood City, Foster City, and Inner Mission, call us at (650) 591-4137 today to get the restoration process started. We are here to return your home to its original, dry condition.

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Our Certified Professionals Are Ready 24/7 To Restore Your San Fransisco Home

7/5/2019 (Permalink)

Our water cleanup technicians cut gypsum boards and remove them from a structure after water damage. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

What to Expect When Professionals Complete Water Cleanup in San Francisco

Rousseau houses in the Sunset area of San Francisco are a delight for the eyes, storybook European architecture with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Water damage can happen in any home regardless of its outer facade. If aging plumbing in your Bay Area house fails, sending vast quantities of water through several living levels, down stairs and walls, and into your tuck-under garage, you need a professional disaster company on your side.

When we arrive to manage the water cleanup in San Francisco, we have already made several crucial decisions to improve the outcome of your project. Our Production Manager sends a hand-picked team to your home, best suited to the damage likely after older pipes burst in a multilevel home. The team completes a swift but accurate assessment, developing the plan at your site personalized for your needs.

Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Reconstruction Certification (IICRC)-trained SERVPRO crew members get to work on the plan without delay. Our signature green vehicles stock all the water removal and structural drying equipment needed, so the process from task to task is exceptionally smooth.

To make water removal and drying efforts more effective, we might recommend a pack-out of household goods and personal possessions to our secure production facility. Concentrating on the wet structural components and fixtures is easier when furnishings and other items need not be moved from space to space as the project progresses. Our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) tracks pack-outs securely Technicians at our facility can clean, dry, disinfect, and deodorize the items in our care, readying them for reinstallation at your cleaned, dried, and sanitized home.

Decision by intelligent decision, our on-site crew proceeds with water cleanup. We choose to pump for water more than two inches deep, then move on to high-efficiency truck-mounted wanded extractors to clear the remainder. Throughout the job, SERVPRO updates the original moisture data we gathered using sensitive meters on structural components and thermal imaging to locate large pockets of water migrating from the original site. Special techniques and equipment assist with wet hardwood and carpeting. Drying after water cleanup involves air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers positioned by our technicians for optimal effect.

Trust SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos to complete water cleanup in your home using industry best practices, care, and compassion. When a water disaster strikes call (650) 591-4137 for rapid water removal and through home drying.

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How Water Damage Became an Unexpected Consequence of a Video Game in San Francisco

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Someone forgot to turn off the water in sink. Looks like SERVPRO is needed!

SERVPRO Turns Around Water Damage in San Francisco Bathroom 

There are many types of preventative maintenance a homeowner in the Golden Gate City can do to avoid water damage. Also, things then occur that you cannot foresee happening in your home. 

Our local SERVPRO location answered a call from a San Francisco homeowner with water damage in an upstairs bathroom. His son had been filling a bathroom sink and then got distracted playing video games while more and more water overflowed first covering the vanity and then the floor. When water dripped from the ceiling in the living room below, the problem was apparent. 

When our technicians arrived, we immediately began extracting water from the floor with our portable pumps. Since water had dripped through to the room below, it was already apparent the floor joists received damage from the water as well. 

The seal on a portion of the tile in the bathroom floor loosened from prolonged exposure to the water, and we removed them so we could direct more air into the subfloor and floor joists to completely dry them. SERVPRO technicians drilled weep holes into the ceiling to allow for drainage and airflow.  

Once we prepared the room for drying, we set up air mover to dry the floor and pull moisture to the surface so it could be ported away from the area by our dehumidifiers. We used drying mats to direct air into the floor joists to ensure they were adequately dried to inhibit mold growth. 

After drying, we wiped down and disinfected all water loss areas. Our SERVPRO location holds a general contractor license, and along with giving the homeowner a list of the actions done on the property, we also gave him a list of the necessary repairs to bring the bathroom back to its preloss condition. This service makes the water loss cleanup seamless from start to finish and much more convenient for both the homeowner and adjuster. 

Call SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at (650) 591-4137 when you need cleanup or restoration to your home resulting from water damage, and we can make it "Like it never even happened."

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What Is The Best Way to Dry Water Damaged Carpets in San Francisco?

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

You can trust the SERVPRO Brand to dry your water damaged floors.

Call SERVPRO To Limit Water Damage To Your Carpets!

When water enters your home, carpet is usually the first thing affected and damaged. Unfortunately, it loses half of its strength when wet and permanent delamination may occur as a result. Carpet that undergoes large amounts of delimitation must be removed and discarded, which is why it is essential to contact professionals as soon as possible to prevent unfixable water damage.  

Dealing with carpet removal, inspection, and replacement can be a tedious process. That's why the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) technicians at SERVPRO are available to assist in mitigating water damage to carpeted San Francisco homes. When we arrive at the scene, we can get to work clearing out excess water. Unless cleaned up, water can seep through vapor barriers, potentially ruining floors.

Once water is successfully pumped out, we remove the wet sections of carpet for drying. If you have lots of furniture, you may prefer the in-place drying of your carpets. While being slower and less efficient, in-place drying allows our techs to dry your home without rearranging your favorite furniture. However, many carpet water damage cases do not qualify for in-place drying.  

If we are forced to remove your carpeting, we inspect it for large amounts of delamination. We also inspect subflooring for water damage. To ensure that your floors do not collapse, we can use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out your subflooring. Additionally, this can help against mold growth.  

Fortunately, carpeting itself can be easy to dry as it quickly absorbs and releases moisture. With the proper equipment, our techs can remove, dry, and reattach your carpet, making your life easy.  

SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos is available 24/7 at (650) 591-4137. Don't hesitate to give us a call if your carpeting has been exposed to water because we can make you feel "Like it never even happened."

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After A Water Damage Disaster In Your Foster City Home We Are Here To Help

3/14/2019 (Permalink)

Effective mitigation of a water loss incident in your home begins with water removal services from competent professionals like ours.

Preventing A Spread Of Water Damage Through Your Foster City Home

Many things can cause water loss incidents to occur in your Foster City home from plumbing breaches to appliance malfunctions, but the damage caused is equally detrimental to your residence. It is critical to respond to these situations quickly by getting in touch with professional restoration technicians like ours with the tools and expertise to make a difference in your home to prevent other unaffected areas from becoming damaged as well.

There are many steps to contain a loss incident, but one of the first steps to restoring this hazardous situation is water removal in your Foster City home. Our SERVPRO professionals have many levels of extraction equipment and have extensive training in effective mitigation strategies that can help to reduce the spread of the water throughout your property.

With our team being available to work on your damaged home 24 hours a day, we can arrive to the situation with the ability to help contain the current damage and repair the source of the water damage to allow you to reopen the water supply valve to your property again. Our extraction equipment can help to clear out excess water present in exposed areas such as our gas-powered pumps and our weighted extractors that can help to pull saturation from carpeted areas of your house.

Rapid extraction work can allow our SERVPRO technicians to begin moisture removal and drying efforts which can contain the spread of the damage with the use of our efficient and effective drying machines like our high-velocity air movers, injectidry system, and LGR dehumidifiers. With the appropriate drops in moisture content, many exposed structural elements and materials can get restored without requiring replacement.

Effective mitigation of a water loss incident in your home begins with water removal services from competent professionals like ours. With our fast response time and industry-leading equipment, you can be confident in choosing our SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos team whenever disaster strikes. Give our crew a call today at (650) 591-4137.

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Half Moon Bay Customer Service

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

William Wheeler, customer service driven.

Water Damage in Half Moon Bay & SERVPRO Customer Care

Andy and Gail in Half Moon Bay, regarding: William Wheeler and our SERVPRO team in Halfmoon Bay.

To whom it may concern,

Our Home after a hot water line in an upstairs bathroom… left hot water flowing throughout the house for 72+ hours… We were out of town and not due back in town for two additional days. Luckily our daughter and son-in-law stopped by. We have been told our house was close to a 90% loss. Our home was soaked with hot water and steam. It is an unimaginable disaster…

We would like to express our sincere THANKS for a job well done. by your employee William Wheeler… As we see it, Will is one of your greatest representative and a true asset to SERVPRO. He was professional at every turn and represented your company with great integrity. His hard work, incredible patience, concern, and ability to work well with your employees and us… were most impressive. In our mind, it went from, “Oh My God”, to ”It’s Going to Be Alright.”

His willingness to interact at each and every turn of this water damage disastor, along with the other representatives from both SERVPRO and FRSTeam, gave us a sense of calm and belief we could put it back together. We cannot be more impressed… and extend a Thank You to each and every one of them. We are months away from returning to our water damaged home. But the road ahead was made smoother by the concern and most professional handling by William Wheeler and his team. Thank You!

Most Sincerely,

Andy and Gail
Half Moon Bay

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos is a leader in the water damage industry. We have advanced training and expertise, not to mention a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. We use this training and experience to quickly dry your home and restore it back to pre-water-damage condition. We provide documentation of the drying process to validate your property is dry. Call us for 24/7 service. (650) 591-4137

WOW!! Swift Water Removal in San Francisco from Trained SERVPRO Technicians

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Call Our Trained Team for Water Damage Restoration in San Francisco

San Francisco Home "Rescued" from Water Damage by SERVPRO

Many homes in Northern California suffer from water damage caused by plumbing failures, appliance leaks, and not just from storm damage. Who to call? Here is a reason to call SERVPRO for a seamless water damage restoration.

Our local SERVPRO franchise takes pride in providing our customers who experience water damage in the San Francisco area, superior service, and for a reason. Our great success as a water damage cleanup and restoration company meant we needed more technicians to ensure a swift, efficient service for our customers. One of our Production Managers, Jose Medrano, deserves special kudos for training four new production technicians in the expert techniques we employ to mitigate water loss. He conducted on-going training sessions at our shop, utilizing the SERVPRO training manual, demonstrations of our warehoused industry-leading equipment, and our specially formulated cleaning and disinfecting products.

Now, take a look at the Photo to your right. This top-notch setup was constructed by Jose and his new and enthusiastic technicians only a week after training started. Clean water had leaked from an adjacent bathroom fixture and covered the tiled flooring and the baseboards. Since We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, our crew arrived within the hour to remove the pooling water and attempt to negate any potential water damage. After vacuuming out the visible water, the challenge of total moisture removal was next. The water had wicked into the trim wood, the wall sole-plates that anchor the wall studs, and the grout lines of the tiles. Here is where our expertise and pride in workmanship shine.

The perfection of this setup can be appreciated by those who work in the water restoration services. We are often copied but never duplicated. The plastic sheeting, secured with blue painter's tape, isolated the treatment surface from unaffected areas. The large LGR low grain dehumidifier is working in concert with the yellow-hosed vacuum to draw moisture from the hard floor surface and the trim. The LGR is rigged with lay flat clear ducting to increase the evaporation rate and then condense the water vapor inside the holding pan. This assembled "rescue mat," was created by our new technicians. The low-profile heated air movers (three) directed a dry circulation of air at the baseboards and sole-plates to enhance the drying rate of the moisture components.

Mission accomplished. Training matters, and our rookies, under excellent guidance and coaching from Jose, knocked it out of the park. Why call another company when you can receive fast service and salvage your home and possessions, "Like it never even happened." Contact SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos for 24/7 emergency service. (650) 591-4137

Here is a beautiful city with plenty of history.

Is today the day for a disaster?

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding can close an office and bring business to a stop.

There is never a good time to experience a property disaster.

Providing emergency property damage services for commercial establishments is one of the main services we provide at SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos.

Water damage/flooding events are the most common disaster at offices and other commercial properties. Fire is second, followed by autos crashing into structures, falling trees, vandalism and others.

There are many restoration companies that are prepared to dry a wet building, only a few companies are equipped to help keep a company open or return them quickly to operation. It’s the business interruption solution services that can make the most difference to business survival. Insurance can pay to restore the business and in some cases even cover lost revenue. However, if a building remains closed so long that customers go elsewhere, then the “damage” is really more devastating than the structural repair.

SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos understands how to dry a wet structure. We can also help with electronics, office equipment, manufacturing equipment and the other parts of a business that might be impacted. Our team can set up electrical power generators and lighting. We will place storage pods and tents at a job site along with security so that temporary workstations can be set up.

If you experience a serious disaster at you office or facility call us at 650-591-4137.

Water Damage Service in Foster City

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Image show "flood cuts" to a wall that got wet.

Foster City Water Damage Cleanup Is Urgent

Water damage can leave lasting results if not dealt with quickly. Water can be peaceful and pure. It is soothing and relaxing. Water is necessary for life. It gives life to plants and humans. However, water in the wrong places can be devastating, and if left untreated, becomes a significant problem. 

Howerer, Water Damage Lowers Home Value.The resulting damage from water intrusion is unsightly and impossible to hide without professional restoration. This may mean drying and repainting surfaces or demolishing and replacing building materials such as drywall. A home inspector will see the damage that stems from your unrestored water damage issues. This can lower your property value. 

Water Affects the Structure of Your Home because Wood is a sponge for water. Standing water on the floors in your home can wick into walls. The longer that water sits the more damage it will cause. It will warp and cup hardwood floors and lift the laminate from manufactured wood flooring. It doesn’t take long for wood to become vulnerable to mold. Mold can cover wooden or plasterboard walls and floors. A small amount of standing water, or hidden moisture, and warmer temperatures make the perfect recipe for mold to grow. Mold can cause health effects. 

Water Damage Can Destroy Electrical and Plumbing Systems, Walls, and Ceilings
Water can damage electrical circuits and cause shorts, requiring an electrician to address these problems. A professional must inspect all of your wiring and your electrical panel. Water can cause drywall to swell or become brittle forcing discarding while also helping to prevent mold growth. It can corrode or rust pipes which lead to more leaks. Undiscovered or un-repaired water leaks can escalate into larger issues involving unnecessary water damage and expenses. That small drip that you are not dealing with right now could be a costly leak in 6 months. Undetected dripping water can lead to degradation of your concrete foundation. This could leave your home structurally unsafe. It can destroy metal structures, trusses, and even home insulation. Damage to insulation can lead to mold and cause energy bills to increase because the outside elements can more readily enter the structure. 

Water Contaminates Your Home
Flood water is contaminated. It can be dangerous to your health. The EPA categorizes this type of water as "Black water ." Chemicals, fertilizers, organics, and fecal matter residuals can remain long after you have cleaned up the water; too hazardous for a Foster City homeowner to attempt this cleanup. SERVPRO of Belmont San Carlos experts can sanitize and deodorize the house. The best way to eliminate the danger is with professional help. Call us for your water damage restoration and we will return your property to its preloss condition "Like it never even happened."

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster

Immediate action is crucial when dealing with water damage. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos is strategically positioned to be faster to any size water emergency in Foster City, San Carlos, and Redwood City. Call us for immediate 24/7 response. (650) 591-4137

Water Damage

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

There are many ways that a building can become damaged by water: Ground water flooding, rain storms, burst water delivery pipes, plumbing backups, failed/leaking water heaters, etc.

Over the years SERVPRO of Belmont/ San Carlos has responded to many unusual sources of water damage including: Punctured water beds; children watering indoor plants with a garden house; aquariums falling over during an earthquake; carpenters driving nails through hidden pipes, and the list goes on.

Perhaps the strangest water damage events that we responded to was one that happened at a three-story condominium in San Mateo. Children were riding bicycles in a parking lot next to their swimming pool and one cyclist rode into a strip of landscaping. The front tire of the bike knocked the head off of an irrigation sprinkler. A jet of water shot into the sky, higher than the building rooftop, and then arched and descended into an open condo window on the third floor.

Residents and guests at the pool gathered around the sprinkler head in awe. Who knew there was that much water pressure in an irrigation system? In short order, a resident made an emergency phone call to the property management company and in turn our emergency response water mitigation company was summoned to the location.

When our crew arrived, we were amazed to see a stream of water in the air shooting into an open window…. the one and only open window on that side of the building. Someone asked if we were from the landscaping company who could turn off the irrigation system? “No, but we can certainly stop this problem,” said I as my partner found a steppingstone in the garden and placed it atop of the broken sprinkler pipe. Sure the water was splashing around the garden, but it was no longer shooting into the condo unit on the third floor. The spectators felt rather stupid. The water had been running for 45 minutes causing about 900 gallons of water to enter the building. Later, I learned that someone wanted to call the fire department so they could bring a ladder to close the window. Other residents had said no, the fire department would charge for the service call. People can make you scratch your head in disbelief.

A few minutes later, the landscaper arrived to turn off the water and replace the sprinkler head. A locksmith arrived too, so we could be let into the affected condo units. The water had also wetted a unit on the second and first floor directly below the third floor “source” unit. Much less damage would have occurred if the spectators had been more resourceful. Sometimes people become shocked or overwhelmed by the circumstances. That’s one reason we’re here when you need us. We’re SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos.

Water Extraction

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The first step to recovery.

When SERVPRO technicians arrive on site at a water flooded office or home the first task is to identify all of the affected areas. Then the crew begins to extract the standing water.

If the water is badly contaminated the carpets and flooring may need to be removed. Our team still has to extract the excess water to make the material removal easier.

When the water is classified as "clean" we are able to extract and then install drying equipment to save the flooring material.

There are several extraction methods available. The photo shows a carpet cleaning wand being used to vacuum water from a glue down carpet. (There is no carpet cushion under the carpet). 

In other situations, especially when there is a carpet cushion our technicians would use a weighted extractor. This is a heavy extraction tool that the operator stands on to apply more pressure to squeeze as much water from the carpet and pad as possible.

We have learned that the more water that is removed from the material, the faster the carpet will dry after the fans and dehumidifiers are installed. Our goal is to have the area dry in three days.

Water Damage Heroes

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Any amount of unwanted water in a home is a disaster!

How Water Damage Restoration Companies Can Help You

Once water damage is in your home, it's important for you to obtain SERVPRO services. Restoration services are multi-faceted, they involve both cleaning excess water from your home and repairing regions of the house that have been subjected to substantive water damage. As water damage specialists know, it is important to start the cleanup and repair process right after the flood or fire to ensure that mold and mildew do not begin to accumulate on the property. Learn more about the helpful services that water damage restoration companies can offer by reading the following short reference guide: 

Water Damage Restoration Companies Remediate Your Property Quickly
One of the benefits that result from employing SERVPRO is that they complete the cleanup and repair processes quickly. Additionally, water damage restoration companies employ several staff members who can work with expedience and excellence. This group effort ensures that they can tackle a plethora of problems that have resulted from the accumulation of water damage in your home. The result is the rapid restoration of your home, a reality that can significantly reduce the onset of secondary water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Companies Limit Mold and Mildew Proliferation
Another great service provided by  restoration companies is the prevention of mold and mildew growth in your private living space. SERVPRO specialists accomplish this objective by removing excess water quickly so that the fungi do not have an opportunity to form and proliferate. If mold has already started to grow in your home, the restoration specialists can eliminate it through the use of cleaners and industrial-grade disinfectants. These cleaners will not put you and your family at risk. However, it is necessary to note that the presence of mold in your home can engender a plethora of health risks. For this reason, it's important to let a team of trained professionals handle your water damage issues rather than attempting to solve the problem on your own. In recognizing that water damage restoration companies can restore your home to its original condition, it's important to know that you can ask your insurance agent to give you a referral to the right company.

Let's Get Started Now 
Homes that have been subjected to water damage are in need of high quality remediation services. Once you start looking for a professional water damage company to assist you in restoring your home, you should look no further than SERVPRO. Our company is committed to consistently offering cutting edge, expedient remediation services that get your home back in great condition with lightning speed. For water damage restoration services that work, contact us today and let's get started.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos is strategically located to respond quickly to your water or flood damage event. When a major flooding event occurs, we can call upon our national network of 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special diaster recovery teams if we need additional resources or personnel.

We are proud to serve our local communities:

  • Our expertise in water restoration is extensive. We utilize IICRC training as part of our on-going education to stay ahead of the curve. Call us for help. (650) 591-4137

Belmont, CA - Water Damage Event

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Water intrusion presents huge problem.

Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain can result in thousands of dollars of water damage to buildings and personal property quickly. Areas that are close to rivers, lakes, sewers or drain systems that are not equipped to handle large amounts of water can experience water damage to the structure of the businesses or personal property. Commercial water claims are the second most frequently filed losses for insurance in the United States.

Water Damage Caused by Gutters
Effective gutters should be cleaned and inspected several times a year. Since gutters are designed to collect the rain and runoff from a roof and carry it to the downspouts, if the gutter is clogged it cannot do its job. Overflowing gutters can cause damage to the roof or can spill over the edges causing commercial water damage to the structure of the building.

Maintaining Down Spouts
Along with the gutters, downspouts need to be properly maintained and cleaned. Since the downspouts are created to carry water away from the structure and foundation of the building, if they are not working properly will occur. The water needs to flow out into the yard or a drain field to keep it from seeping back into the home or building.

Using Sump Pumps
Basements that use sump pumps to remove excess water from around the building can help decrease the chances of rain water causing damage. Most sump pumps automatically begin pumping out water when it reaches a certain level. Making sure the sump pump is working correctly is essential. They should be inspected and routinely maintained so they can do the job when needed.

Rainwater problems can occur for a variety of reasons and can quickly cause damage to a building and contents. SERVPRO can come in and professionally clean up and dry out affected areas. Maintaining the roof, gutters, downspouts, and sump pumps can help ensure minimal water damage if there is a severe storm or drain systems overflow. If you ever need the skills of a water restoration company, SERVPRO can always help.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos is strategically located to respond quickly to your water or flood damage event. When a major flooding event occurs, we can call upon our national network of 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster cleanup teams if we need additional resources or personnel.

We are proud to serve our local communities.

When your commercial property or home has water damage from leaks or flooding, we have the experience and expertise to help. Give us a call. (650) 591-4137

SERVPRO 's Special Weapon

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At SERVPRO of Belmont San Carlos, we have both cold “coil dehumidifiers” and “desiccant dehumidifiers.” Having one or more desiccants are the benchmark of a professional mitigation company.

Desiccant-Based Dehumidification is an interesting topic. Most people are aware of “cold-coil” dehumidification, which removes moisture from the air by condensing the moisture onto a cold surface. Desiccant dehumidification relies on adsorption or absorption power of desiccants, which are substances that attract water-vapor molecules from the air. They rely on adsorptive or absorptive process. Adsorption refers to a desiccant that does not change phase as it collects airborne moisture. Most adsorbents are solids; familiar examples include activated alumina, silica gel, and zeolites (molecular sieves). We see these packed in electronics cartons.

In water damage drying application, desiccant machines are designed to collect moisture on a rotating wheel coated with solid desiccant material. As damp air passes through one section of the wheel the desiccant on that section adsorbs water vapor, making the air drier than when it entered. Wheel rotation then exposes the moisture-laden desiccant to a “regenerating” air stream that strips the captured moisture away from the desiccant (desorption). The wheel rotates to the damp air collection port and it is ready to absorb more moisture from incoming air.

At SERVPRO we have dozens of cold “coil dehumidifiers” and a couple of commercial “desiccant dehumidifiers.” That’s one more reason we are proud to be an experienced and professional mitigation company capable of helping commercial clients. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos 650-591-4137