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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

San Carlos Mold Damage Remediation

Mold damage at this San Carlos home was caused by a minor water leak, but the mold remediation required us to remove the entire wall. The thermal imaging camera... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Belmont School

Fire damage at this Belmont school left a great deal of smoke damage and soot damage behind. The fire drill went well as no one was injured because of the fire.... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Office Construction Site

Water damage to this Belmont office space which was under construction took place when a huge band of thunderstorms passed over the building site. There was lit... READ MORE

Removing mold from brick

Soda blasting to remove mold on a historic brick wall is a cost effective method. Soda blasting sounds powerful. It is. But, it's also able to be controlled so ... READ MORE

Tile Floor Clean and Polish

A water damage at this home a home required major reconstruction. It also called for the tile floors to be detail cleaned and polished after the drying and reco... READ MORE

Major reconstruction of water damaged living room

22,000 gallons of water flowed through this home from a second floor bathroom (a clean water supply line). Ceilings collapsed and gypsum boards throughout had t... READ MORE

Replacing delaminated carpet with wood.

Water is able to cause damage to carpeting in several ways. De-lamination happen when a carpet becomes saturated with water that causes the adhesives that bind ... READ MORE

Subsidized Housing Cleanup

Our company was contracted by a county agency to provide cleanup at several county housing facilities. It can be a challenge to provide cleanup services because... READ MORE

Medical office ceiling and wall repair

A clean water delivery pipe damaged a medical office ceiling because a slow drip, soaked a section of the gypsum plaster board. After a plumber opened the ceili... READ MORE

Grease Fire Cleanup

A stove top fire consisting of burning pan of grease produced greasy smoke that puts a lot of sticky oil and grease onto adjacent surfaces. The oily surface als... READ MORE

Repair of Ceiling Damage

Water leaks from fire sprinkler pipes inside a ceiling caused damage to a ceiling in a dining room. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos removed the damaged sheetroc... READ MORE

New Floor

A storage pantry in a school cafeteria flooded. This caused the underlayment floor (engineered wood) to warp and swell which resulted in the cracking of the til... READ MORE

Clean Ducts = Better Quality Indoor Air

Indoor air quality can be controlled by using a variety of professional cleaning techniques including HVAC duct cleaning. Indoor air usually contains pollens, d... READ MORE

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Basements are rather rare in most parts of California, but "older" parts of many towns do have them. Over the past twenty years we have extracted water form sev... READ MORE

Remove the mold / repair the room.

Trapped moisture inside a wall can develop into a smelly and nasty mold problem. One of the most popular food sources for mold growth is the paper facing on pla... READ MORE

Flooded Hotel

Storm damage to this Belmont Hotel left significant water damage, forcing the hotel to close the top two floors of their facility. The Hotel repair project woul... READ MORE

Office wetted by a rain storm

El Nino rains can bring street flooding and roof failures to large parts of the Bay Area. Earlier this year the San Francisco Bay Area experienced many location... READ MORE

Full Restoration

Water or fire damage in a commercial building will disrupt business, sometimes closing a company down. It is important that all mitigation and restoration work ... READ MORE

Floor repair

Water Damage to this Belmont home bedroom and hallway had destroyed the carpeting. We were required to clean up water and remove the damaged carpet and padding.... READ MORE

Flooded church cleanup

When an irrigation pipe burst it caused soiled water to flood a large basement recreation room at a church. The SERVPRO team was able to used truck-mounted wate... READ MORE

Manufactured flooring

Manufactured flooring is a term to describe wooden flooring surfaces that are composites of layers of wood laminates, plastics and adhesives. These floors are b... READ MORE

Muddy Water

Muddy water in a house, no big deal? Actually it is a big deal. When muddy water flows into a structure it is often because creeks, and other ground water rise ... READ MORE

Nicotine smoke

Years of cigarette smoke can etch into plastic, causing it to be impossible to remove it completely. Soots can tarnish metal beyond restoration in a matter of d... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen

Storm water caused a city sewer drain to backup into a commercial kitchen. Bacteria from sewage in a commercial kitchen is not a recipe for success. When SERVPR... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Kitchen

Mold is found in all indoor environments. Mold can grow and get out of control when humidity or water intrusions affect the indoor space. In kitchens it has bee... READ MORE

Fire Debris Removal

When most Fire Departments fight fire, the fire fighters use water to extinguish the flames and that not only puts out the fire, it wets structural materials an... READ MORE

Heavy Fire Damage

Insurance companies and restoration companies rate fire damage as heavy, medium and light. The determining factors include the amount of structural damage and t... READ MORE

Removing Graffiti from an Apartment Building

Graffiti on public and commercial buildings creates urban blight. It also lowers property values by sending a signal that a neighborhood may be a center of high... READ MORE

Kick Mold

One of the most common portions of a home to suffer mold problems is a closet. Of all the items in a closet, the thing that mold likes best are leather shoes. M... READ MORE

Storm flooding can lead to mold problems.

When rainwater, or an overflowing stream causes crawlspaces under buildings to get wet, the lingering moisture may be the perfect breeding location for damaging... READ MORE

Let the Light Shine In.

A fire at a Church spread thick smoke through the large attic storage room. Windows were blackened by a layer heavy soot. So were the ceiling beams and walls. O... READ MORE

Wood Floor Damage in San Carlos

Flood Damage to this San Carlos home damaged the hardwood floor beyond restoration. In the before photo, serious cupping is visible. While we do have equipment ... READ MORE