Biohazard Photo Gallery

Animals in Attic

Animals in an attic create a biohazard cleanup situation. Over the years, we have learned that Raccoons establish a designated toilet area. In some ways this simplifies the cleanup effort compared to other critters that make a home in an attic. If your home or facility needs help, give us a call at 50-591-4137.

Sewage Overflow Cleanup

Hard to believe this was once a sewage spill cleanup job. After the dirty water extraction, cleaning process and the polishing this floor is better than before.It was like brand new.

Biohazard Cleanup

SERVPRO technicians wear a variety of safety gear (personal protective equipment-PPE) to keep them safe from bacterial, toxic chemicals and microbial contamination. These yellow suites are moisture proof rubber and are safety yellow colored... they are for working on sewage cleanup and other wet spills and hazardous situations. Note, our technician pictured is also wearing a mask with filter cartridges... this job scene was a sewage spill with mold contamination! 

Grow house cleanup

Recently our SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlo team worked in Fremont, California to cleanup the damage caused by a large four-bedroom house that was turned into a "grow house". Pot farmers had flooded this house and caused mold damage throughout. This plant was just one of several hundred seized by the authorities as evidence.