Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Remediation In San Francisco

Mold is very tricky and should only be dealt with by a team of experts like ours at SERVPRO. Our crew is ready 24/7 and will respond quickly to your mold damage emergency. SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos has the equipment, training, and experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Mold or Dry Rot?

Both. In this photo the support beams (floor joists) are contaminated with dry rot and mold. Dry rot is member of the Fungi family that "eats" wood by sucking the moisture from the wood, causing it to loss it's density and crumble. Mold often grows along side dry rot. Mold puts out gases that produce odors and can pose potential health issues to humans. When you see dry rot or mold it needs to be removed. 

Mold discovered under the carpeting.

A property management company asked us to find the source of a musty odor. We concluded that the carpet and underlayment were the source of the odor. We were told to remove the carpet and carpet pad. Carpet cleaning vendors had over wetted the carpet several times causing mold to grow on the wood sub floor. Cleanup and new carpet and the problem was solved. Call SERVPRO at 650-591-4137 for solutions to odor problems.

Mold Growth Caused By Wet HVAC Ducting

When water floods basements and crawl spaces the water can enter the heat and air conditioning air ducts that run under the floor. Moisture inside the air supply ducts can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria as has the one in our photo. SERVPRO always checks the conditions of HVAC ducting during our inspections.

"Fungus Among Us"

The Fungus Kingdom includes mushrooms, yeast, dry-rot  and mold. Molds are often addresses microbials. (Micro means small, bial means short-lived bacterium.) By contrast a mushroom is a macro (large) mold. Yes, many fungus are edible.

Molds are found everywhere on the planet, in hot deserts, in arctic regions, forests and jungles. While molds have adapted to a wide variety of environments, the majority of molds thrive in 60 to 90 degrees, the temperature range humans are accustomed to living in.

Further more, molds are a natural part of life on our planet. Their spores can be found floating in the air, both outdoors and indoors.

Good news... most molds are harmless. More good news, we have effective ways to remove and reduce the mold from your indoor environment. Call SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos at 650-591-4137.

Mold covered beam cleaned.

A mold infested beam in a school classroom was cleaned, sanded and stained. It was made to look as good or better than new. All of this was done over a weekend so class time was not interrupted. 

Mold might look pretty, but....

Close up pictures of microscopic mold are impressive, even pretty... but some molds can be toxic and pose health threats to certain people. When mold is growing indoors it needs to be removed. Many time this can be done by the occupant. When professional help is required call SERVPRO at: 650-589-7045