Water Damage Photo Gallery

San Francisco Water Loss

Our SERVPRO team arrived swiftly to remove the water from a wet commercial carpet in the hallway of an assisted living facility. San Francisco properties and businesses often rely upon us to mitigate water losses with immediate action. The air movers and the dehumidifier are finishing up another job well-done, with virtually no disruption to the residents.

Productions, Keeps the Ball Rolling!

Jose Medrano, Production Manager (in center reading) is performing a training session with production department team members. Each week the managers at SERVPRO perform employee training and motivation using a book titled, The Four Disciplines of Execution. Our company calls this the 4DX Book. It teaches the managers and their team how to set goals, or to be more specific "Wildly Important Goals". Each week past goals are set and then reviewed for the success of their implementation. The former goals are adjusted, and or new goals are established for the following week. The idea is to be proactive. To always be moving forward. Instead of waiting until some project has been completed and then analyzing the final results, the 4DX program looks at indicators along the way. 

Equipped to Help

Owning and maintaining a substantial inventory of restorative drying equipment is one of the requirements for being operating a successful water damage restoration company.We have to be equipped and ready for the occasional large property emergency.

"Flood Cuts"

SERVPRO water cleanup technicians have a term for the way gypsum board is cut and removed from a structure. They call it, "Flood cuts" and it describes the straight line that is made so that the damaged sheetrock is removed cleanly to facilitate the easy insertion of replacement sheetrock. The drywall installers appreciate the effort.

Inner wall cavity drying

It is possible to pump HEPA filtered air into damp wall cavities to dry the interior space. This means that we do not have to remove large sections of gypsum board. The least amount of demolition reduces the overall cost of the mitigation and restoration project. It also will shorten the drying and repair cycle time. This too saves money by reducing the interruption to a business or resident that is affected by property damage.

The inner wall drying system can get the walls dry from the inside and all that is required when the wall is dry to complete the job is a simple plaster and paint repair.

Automobile Salvage Services

SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos provides drying, cleaning, deodorizing and mold removal services for auto dealers and for a major automobile brand. Sometimes, even new cars get damp and require  cleanup services. We travel around Northern California providing this service. 

Sheetrock Removal

When water flows through a structure it often ruins portions of sheetrock (drywall). When the sections of damaged material has to be removed we always make straight cuts in two foot increments so it is easy for the construction team to perform the replacement.

Detail Cleaning

Cleaning a slate and tile floor often requires the use of a "floor machine" and hand cleaning techniques followed by applying a sealer coat and floor finish. Detail work like this brings the best results... happy customers.

Bathroom remodel in Foster City

A thirty-five year old bathroom was transformed by SERVPRO's construction team. A water damaged vanity room was gutted and rebuilt. It feels great to be able to repair damage and make it better than before.

On location document drying.

During a large commercial water damage drying event, we spotted books and paper materials that were damp. We were able to set up an emergency drying proceedure as we dried the structure... as a bonus for the customer. Costs were controlled and damage was kept to a minimum.